About Runsom

When it comes to world-class custom manufacturing marked by next-level precision, Runsom is the preferred choice for innovative businesses worldwide. We partner with organizations around the world to craft precise machined parts in a variety of high-quality materials, including various plastics and metals.

With Runsom, you can quickly go from idea to tangible product or part in just a few days with our full-service one-stop shop. Enjoy everything from product design and rapid prototyping down to assembly and shipping with one trusted manufacturer from start to finish.


What do we do?

Runsom focus on CNC millingCNC turning, Swiss machining and rapid prototyping. We also can provide die casting and injection molding services. Our machined parts are used by professional engineering companies and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. We serve a vast number of industries including Aerospace, Automotive,  Medical & Dental, Monitoring equipment, electronics, Motorcycle & Bicycle, and many others.

Why you can count on Runsom?

Runsom is an ISO9001:2015 Certificated manufacturer and we have very strict requirement of quality.  Quality is built into our products and monitored at every step in our production process.

1. Our experienced engineering team can provide value added suggestions to our customers to optimize their products and lead to costs saving.
2.Our latest advanced manufacturing machines can ensure us to achieve high precision and complex structures.
3.Raw material trace-ability and surface treatment report available.

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Factory and Facilities

Runsom is equiped with high precision 3-, 4-and 5-axis imported machines which enable us to meet tight tolerances. Our materials all come from the unified material supplier base so that we can ensure not only correct but also good-quality materials for each product. And our automotive coordinate measuring machine (CMM) can give us measurement results quickly.

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