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CNC Machining in ABS

Runsom has extensive experience in the manufacturing of CNC machining ABS automotive accessories and other components made from a wide range of materials. Count on our plastic machining services, you can get the highest-quality parts at the best prices and fast lead time. Our machine shop has equipped with the latest vertical/horizontal CNC milling centers that enable us to create complex components with intricate structures and tight tolerances. In addition, we also offer secondary processing and surface finishing selections for machined parts as well as assembly of finished products to confirm you experience the best one-stop service at Runsom.

What Is CNC Machined ABS Parts

The definition of CNC Machined ABS Parts

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic is a kind of plastic with excellent properties such as good manufacturability, affordability, and machinability, so it is widely used in various industries for different usages and applications. A large number of consumer goods and automotive accessories made from ABS are typical cases. Besides, CNC machined ABS demonstrate exceptional performance like incredible rigidity, toughness, and shock absorbance, especially for such a cost-saving material.

CNC machining ABS offers a cost-effective solution for pre-injection molding prototypes and production parts without spending too much in high-cost molds.

Whether for product housings, fixtures, jigs, or vehicle dashboards, our OEM machining services will always help you get the intended part perfectly matching its application of use. And whether your orders need low or high-volume production, we can flexibly deal with all of that with high precision and automation. Just simply submit your 3D CAD files online in several steps, and we can bring your design into rapid production quickly.

ABS CNC Machining Specification






Product housings, fixtures and jigs, vehicle dashboards.


It is determined by the desired effect and the ABS type used. A tolerance of ±0.010” (±0.25 mm) is available at Runsom.


Great resistance to high impact, low cost, good machinability.

Wall Thickness

It is mostly decided by the available machine and part geometry. A minimum wall thickness of ±0.03” (±0.8 mm) is available at Runsom.

Lead Time

As fast as 3 days, but it will be finally determined by part complexity and order quantity.

Max Part Size

200 x 80 x 100 cm(the available size is mostly decided by the machine and part geometry).


3-axis & 5-axis CNC milling.


As Machined, Bead Blast.

ABS CNC Machining Manufacturer – Custom CNC Machined ABS Parts

Runsom is a professional manufacturer of CNC machining services based in China. One of the most popular materials is ABS, which can be machined into parts to our customer's exact specifications, samples, or drawings. Our services include milling, drilling, turning, and lathing to create different kinds of shapes and dimensions of ABS parts.

Additionally, we offer treatments like metal welding, hot pressing, adhesion, surface spraying, and electroplating. Our team of technicians and engineers owns years of experience and expertise in making precision plastic parts valuable for a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, machinery, instruments, and construction.

CNC Machined ABS Parts

Cost Saving Tips

ABS is an ideal engineering material at a cheap price for pre-injection molding prototypes helping lower costs greatly. Thus, machining a prototype or a mold out of ABS is a perfect method to save cost and ensure excellent properties like good machinability and rigidity as intended at the same time. Utilizing CNC milling ABS for pre-injection mold prototypes can help to avoid vast capital investment into expensive mold making.

Cost Saving Tips for CNC machining in ABS


ABS is an ideal engineering material at a cheap price for pre-injection molding prototypes helping lower costs greatly. CNC machined ABS is a good choice for production parts requiring details and excellent mechanical properties.

ABS is one of the most important materials in the manufacturing industry. It comes in a wide array of forms and can be made into pellets for injection molding, filaments for additive manufacturing, and extrusion for CNC machining.

Runsom employs CNC milling ABS to process important details and gain good mechanical properties needed by concept modeling, functional prototypes, and fit testing.

ABS plastic can either be cut or engraved through CNC milling depending on the desired results for the project.

ABS plastic is widely used for impact-resistant applications and pre-injection moldings, such as machined prototypes, structural components, support blocks, housings, and covers.