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Rapid Prototyping Service

Runsom provides high-quality, low-cost rapid prototyping service for customer in worldwide. Our Minimum Order Quantity is 1 piece, in addition, we also offer low-volume and high-volume parts with your special requirement. With our high experience experts team, broad producing technologies and advanced manufacturing equipment, we are your best option of one-stop producing center to satisfy all your need. Runsom will support you through every stage of production development, form concept, prototype, pre-production to volume production. We can bring your concept form design to market in just few days, whatever your prototyping project scope, from single,simple parts to multiple, large and complex components.

We also offer custom manufacturing service with various technology, such as CNC machining3D printing, injection molding and die casting. No matter you are an engineer, designer, industrial design agency, technology company, or an international enterprise. Runsom is your perfect option of rapid prototyping. Our prototyping stages including concept model producing, presentation mode producing, functional prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume producing.

Runsom excellent success in worldwide rely on our prototyping service, our engineer team with extensive knowledge and experience has utilized latest prototyping technologies, with our prototyping centers, we are ideally to provide a comprehensive service to satisfy global customers requirement, timescales and special need. We are pride to proved same high standard of customer service for every project from a wide range industry, this help us improve our service which truly support our clients’ needs.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is a specialized manufacturing technique for high-quality physical models with 3D design concept. Prototypes as step stone of production or engineering testing is very useful in design development and improvement process. Prototyping are quick and economic for both personal companies and research institutions, they never need to invest hard tooling equipment. Most of our clients require to produce a physical part in short time, in order to validate their design, then capture parts sales opportunities.

Runsom are able to take your concept or design to reality production in just days with our proven prototyping technologies and processes. We have a fast , efficient and effective solution for you with various materials, no matter for prototyping test of form, fit and function, or for production starting.


Rapid Prototyping Advantages

Rapid prototyping can provide many distinct advantages for whether engineer, industrial design or parts development team,

  1. Cooperate with Runsom to manufacture a prototype will help our clients business, it is the fastest and most cost-effective way to explore and realize concept into visual parts. This will make designer team easy to grasp parts property and design in physical world.
  2. Showcase concepts concisely and effectively, Runsom rapid prototyping can take concepts , images and ideas form 2D vision into reality products. So you can show product physical model to your clients, collaborators, customers and investors
  3. Finish design test and refine a concept, rapid prototyping will demonstrate your product appearance, dimensions and features. So you can find out design flaws and eliminate costly design with close physical observation. Finally, improve your product design before mass production.
  4. Test your product market before mass production, with customers reaction of different prototyping options, select most suitable product for further production adjustment and improvement. Create multiple versions products with different colors, surface textures and finishing process will get more and more customers’market data than just one simple option.
  5. Improve and streamline production process, we can select the best production way in prototyping manufacturing process. Comparing different prototypes with various producing technologies and materials, select the best one with technology and material.

Runsom rapid prototyping service will save time and cost by eliminating equipment setup and tooling preparation. We can use our equipment produce various prototypes with different materials in minimum overall cost.

Runsom Prototyping Services

Runsom deliver high speed and quality prototyping service for your project, our common prototyping technology including:

Rapid CNC machining

This is a conventional prototyping method, which is widespread way metal prototyping. Runsom has 10 years experience in various CNC prototype parts manufacturing in many industries, such as automotive, electronics, energy, medical. CNC machining prototyping will provides the best precision and surface finishes, in addition, the selection of materials are unlimited as well. Otherwise, CNC machining will take a long time to prepare and setup, so we always apply this technology for high precise and metal material prototypes.

Rapid 3D Printing

Different 3D printing technologies are suitable for different rapid prototyping steps as pioneer in this industry. SLA prototyping requires liquid plastic material and will provide the best finish surface. SLS prototyping is similar to SLA, but material form need to be power. FDM prototyping is the cheapest and fastest method in 3D printing technology. This additive prototyping process will finish a complete prototype part within one day. However, 3D printing materials are too expensive as manufacturing process.

Rapid Die casting

Die casting prototyping technology is different from CNC machining and 3D printing in manufacturing process. As we notice, Die casting process need an additional modeling process, so this process won’t be as fast as CNC machining and 3D printing. Otherwise, for customers special requirement, we always apply this technology for metal prototypes property test for special purpose.

Rapid Injection Molding

Injection molding also need an additional molding process in producing way, so this technology cannot produce prototypes within short time as plastic 3D printing. But for special parts which cannot be produced by 3D printing method, injection molding is also the best prototyping way.

Runsom Rapid Prototyping Capability

No Minimum Oder Quantity : No matter your order quantity and parts size, Runsom will handle every aspect and satisfy your need.
Short Turnaround Time: Our various technology and experience team will guarantee your project finish in days.
High Tolerance: We have serviced medical industry with tight tolerance requirement. Our producing parts are high precision as need.
Competitive Pricing: Our efficient manufacturing process will eliminate any waste, so we can offer the most competitive price for any on-demand prototyping requirement.
Experienced Engineer Team: Our experience team had serviced thousands of companies in various industry, we can handle every aspect of your project, even the most challenging one.
Various Materials: We have stable and efficient material suppliers in worldwide, so we can serve your any prototype materials with various surface finish.


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