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For over ten years, Runsom Precision has been dedicated to offering customers worldwide high-quality copper CNC machining services for diverse applications across a wide range of industries. Our complete CNC manufacturing equipment and unmatched in-house machining capacity enable us to produce copper parts in different shapes, sizes, specifications, and complexity, meanwhile, fulfilling or surpassing clients’ expectations or requirements. With the support of advanced facilities and highly skilled experts, a series of CNC machining processes are available for making prototypes and batch production, including high-precision CNC milling, turning, 5-axis machining, wire EDM, and many more. Moreover, we also offer secondary processing options for machined copper parts to match mechanical and cosmetic purposes.

The Properties of Copper

Copper, whose element symbol is Cu (atomic number 29 on the periodic table), has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, second only to silver. The purity of commercially available copper is usually above 99%. The remaining 1% is usually impurities such as oxygen, lead, or silver.

It is highly resistant to corrosion and is inherently antimicrobial, along with good strength and hardness. Consequently, it’s a popular material useful for automotive, medical, aerospace, and energy industries due to its excellent functional and aesthetic performance.

copper wires

CNC Machining Copper Specification

Wall Thickness

It is affected by the specific copper grade. A minimum wall thickness of ±0.03”(±0.8 mm) is available at Runsom Precision.


It is determined by the desired effect and the types of copper grades used. A tolerance of ±0.005”(±0.13 mm) is available.


Electrically and thermally conductive, corrosion-resistant


Electrical connectors, valves, radiators, heat exchangers


High cost and low machinability


CNC Milling, CNC Turning


Copper C101, Copper C110


As-machined, electropolishing, hand-polished, media blasted, electroplating

Why Use Copper for CNC Machining?

There are several benefits to using copper for CNC machining:

cnc machined copper parts

Advantages of CNC Machining in Copper

CNC machining copper offers a wealth of advantages including:

Grades of Copper We Work With

CNC machining in copper is a common technique used in some crucial applications to fabricate prototypes or end-use parts because of their outstanding thermally and electrically conductive properties.

Copper C101

Copper C101, or C10100, CDA 101, is a type of oxygen-free copper with a very high percentage of Cu in it - 99.95%. This high purity offers extraordinary electrical and thermal conductivity, so it is often well-known as HC (high conductivity) copper. It also has high ductility, good impact strength, toughness, and corrosion tolerance.

Copper C110

Copper C110, or UNS C11000 and CDA 110, whose purity is not as high as copper 101, however, is another highly pure option containing 99.90% Cu. As it’s a cost-effective material easier to machine than copper 101, it has been widely used in most electrical applications. Common applications of copper alloy 110 include overhead line conductors, coaxial lines, cables, and generator windings.

If you still have no idea about which copper material is best suited for your CNC machining needs, Runsom Precision just has your answer. We are ready for every challenge and strive to be the best in this industry. Just upload your design file and receive an instant quote, as well as DfM feedback.

Why Us for Copper CNC Machining Service?


Quality assurance and available cost-saving tips for your copper projects


Excellent capabilities in-house with high efficiency, productivity, and precision


A vast variety of copper grades and alloys materials available for CNC machining

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Extensive machining capacity ranging from prototyping, low to high-scale production


The capability of creating complex copper machined parts at tight tolerances

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Full sets of milling and turning machines at our disposal to fulfill orders on time

Surface Finishes Available for Machined Copper Parts

Copper is typically used in electrical applications due to its excellent electrically and thermally conductive features. Therefore, surface treatments used on other metals are often not applied to machined copper parts in order not to affect these properties.

The two surface finishes listed below are available for copper:

cnc machined copper

1. Electropolishing

Copper can be electropolished to obtain an ultimate shiny and smooth surface. This process removes an extremely small layer of material off the surface—usually between 0.0001 inches (0.00254 mm) and 0.0025 inches (0.0635 mm), further strengthening the corrosion resistance of a part without compromising its electrical conductivity.

2. Electroplating

Metal plating of copper is often used to prevent oxidation of the outer surface without hindering its electrical and thermal conductivity. Especially precious metal plating, such as gold or silver plating, can provide low contact resistance to maintain exceptional solderability and conductivity.

Applications of CNC Machined Copper Parts

Copper parts have good corrosion resistance and versatility and are commonly used in a broad of applications requiring high aesthetic effect and electrical conductivity.

1. Electronics
-Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and is widely used in the production of electronic components such as printed circuit boards, connectors, and switches. CNC machining copper can be used to fabricate precise and complex components for electronic devices.

2. Automotive
-CNC machined copper parts are used in a variety of automotive applications, including brake pads, brake rotors, and other components that require high levels of heat dissipation.

3. Aerospace
-Copper parts made from CNC machining are used in the aerospace industry for a variety of applications that require high levels of precision and accuracy, including electrical components, fuel systems, and hydraulic systems.

4. Medical
-CNC machining is a common method used to fabricate precise and complex components for the production of a variety of medical devices, including orthopedic implants and surgical instruments.

5. Industrial
-CNC machined copper has high levels of precision and accuracy useful for a variety of industrial applications, including plumbing, HVAC systems, and electrical systems.

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