Precision CNC Machining for Medical Industry

Precision CNC machined medical parts for surgical and optics instruments or their maintenance and repair

Enhance medical device manufacturing for various healthcare applications with custom precision components

Make prototypes and products that require tight tolerances and high repeatability for medical devices and surgical instruments

Precision CNC Machining Services for Custom Medical Components

The medical industry relies on precisely crafted products to ensure the well-being of individuals. When it comes to manufacturing parts or components for life-saving medical devices, there is no room for mistakes. Runsom Precision is a CNC machining expert serving various sectors within the medical industry. From manufacturing medical parts to promoting prototype development, we deliver highly accurate components to fulfill diverse applications.

With cutting-edge technology, highly skilled technicians, and the latest equipment, we make it possible to produce top-notch precision in our machined parts and exceed other CNC machine shops. Our expertise, quality, and concentration on details have gained the trust of a multitude of medical device manufacturers, developers, and designers. Whether it is the rapid prototyping of single-part prototypes or the mass production of over 10,000 products, we are here to support your needs.

CNC Machining in Medical Parts Prototyping and Manufacturing

Our precision CNC machining capabilities cover CNC turning, CNC Swiss turning, EDM, wire EDM, and 5-axis CNC milling services enabling us to fabricate intricate geometries, features, 3D shapes, and surfaces on both metal and plastic substrates. With integrated machining processes, we consistently produce prototypes and products that require tight tolerances and high repeatability for medical devices.

Femoral condylar prosthesis

The process of designing and developing new medical devices can be both money- and time-consuming. Nonetheless, a rapid prototyping manufacturer offers an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution. They can swiftly produce prototypes with crucial features, as well as low-volume production parts for testing the concept and market viability of medical devices and healthcare products. This approach allows for a thorough evaluation before proceeding to large-scale production and distribution in the market.

The rapid prototyping in medical instrument parts allows you to explore ideas, generate early customer feedback, and develop fit-for-purpose solutions so you can put them into lab or clinical trials and ultimately get them to market faster. During this process, you can also gain insight into the subsequent manufacturing process, costs, schedules, and quality control.

Benefits of Medical CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining plays a critical role in safeguarding healthcare and pushing the boundaries of the medical industry. Its capacity to precisely fabricate intricate and accurate components ensures the optimal functioning and fitting of medical devices and surgical tools. From manufacturing surgical instruments to making prosthetics and medical implants, CNC machining offers a multitude of advantages in the medical sector.

1. CNC machining makes it possible to create intricate and precise parts with exceptional accuracy and tight tolerances, enabling the reliability of medical devices and equipment.

2. CNC machining relies on computer-aided design files and sophisticated software to instruct machinery and control tools, ensuring higher precision with minimum human interference.

3. CNC machining can work with various high quality materials, ranging from thermoplastics to medical-grade metals.

4. With the high repeatability of CNC machining processes, medical device manufacturers can quickly obtain identical components of consistent quality.

Nucleus pulposus surgical forceps

Our CNC Machining Capabilities for Medical Components

Runsom Precision has been serving numerous medical device manufacturers in the medical industry with precision-machined parts and components for over ten years. Experienced precision CNC machinists at Runsom Precision utilize the latest technology to offer a multitude of components crafted with ultimate precision.

And with a range of machining processes, including Swiss-style CNC machining, micromachining, and multi-axis machining phrase to be determined for multi-axis, and medical-grade materials from which to choose, we can meet any specification.

Swiss lathe turning

To guarantee accuracy in the machining process, a Swiss-style precision CNC machine is typically equipped with guide bushings. This feature ensures that the cutting tool remains in close proximity to the workpiece, minimizing the risk of errors caused by deflection over distance. This is particularly crucial when manufacturing long, slender medical instruments and achieving the small-scale precision required in the final product. Our CNC Swiss screw lathes are excellent choices for custom precision medical parts manufacturing. Learn More...

The 5-axis CNC machining proves highly advantageous in the production of medical parts for surgical instruments, joint replacements, dental tools, and prostheses. With the ability to move parts across 5 degrees of freedom simultaneously, this technology enables cutting tools to approach the components from various directions. As a result, complex shapes can be precisely machined. Our 5-axis milling capabilities enable us to make numerous tiny components that function flawlessly once assembled, ultimately ensuring a secure and dependable medical device. Learn More...

5 axis CNC milling
CNC turning titanium part

Micromachining is well-suited for producing extremely small medical parts that are widely used in areas such as implantable devices, drug-delivery technologies, and exploratory surgical tools. Despite their small size, these components are of high complexity, requiring precision and expertise in their manufacturing. With CNC machining technique, we ensure high precision levels even for components measuring under 50 microns. Learn More...

Materials Available for Medical CNC Machining

To meet the specific requirements of the medical industry, our manufacturing techniques are compatible with a wide array of materials. Our experienced technicians possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to guide you in selecting the most suitable material for medical product making. You can rest assured the chosen material aligns perfectly with your specific needs.

We offer a diverse range of material options, including chemical-resistant thermoplastics, as well as medical-grade alloys. These materials are ideal for conducting functional and regulatory testing of medical parts. Below are the versatile and lightweight materials we usually utilize for making medical device components:


PEI (Ultem)



Why Runsom Precision for Medical CNC Machining?

At Runsom Precision, we provide dependable prototyping and manufacturing services to create medical components in simple or intricate shapes. By integrating advanced technologies and our exceptional machining expertise, we can effectively transform your medical product concepts into reality. No matter how complex the part may be, we can support you in achieving your objectives through rapid prototyping and low-volume production.

1. Unmatched Capabilities

We have unlimited manufacturing capabilities coupled with the necessary material certifications and advanced technologies. We make sure that all medical device components we produce meet the regulatory compliance requirements, including those related to performance, dimensions, strength, and more.

2. Tight Tolerance

Through our medical device parts prototyping and manufacturing service, we deliver parts that adhere to close tolerance and required specifications. We have the capability to make medical components with tolerances as tight as +/-0.001 inches. The quality of your medical device parts will be guaranteed by our advanced machining technologies and expertise.

3. Rapid Turnarounds

We understand the importance of on-time delivery, and we offer instant quotes and rapid prototyping technologies to facilitate this process. Our extensive technical experience and valuable skills enable us to optimize efficiency and help you achieve shorter lead times in the most effective manner.

4. Custom Machining

With our custom design and custom tooling capabilities, Runsom Precision can expedite the manufacturing of medical parts. We prioritize understanding the unique features of your products and help you bring your concepts to reality, utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Ready to Build Your Custom Medical Prototypes and Parts Now?

Precision machining finds its place in various aspects of the medical industry from the form of prototypes, parts, and components for medical devices to their maintenance and repair. Runsom Precision, with its exceptional CNC machining services, stands as the prime option for achieving the optimal performance of crucial surgical instruments, medical devices and machines. If you need precision CNC machining services for your medical project, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts directly or request an instant quote online today!

We work with the customers in medical field to enhance medical device manufacturing for various healthcare applications. There are some typical components we produced for medical devices and applications, including:

X-Ray equipment
Dental prosthetics
Orthopedic implants
Prosthetic components
Implantable prototypes
UV sanitation components
MRI devices
Medical carts
Anatomical models
Biomedical sensors
Microfluidic devices
Medical treatment devices
Medical monitor instruments
Medical diagnosis equipment
Ultrasonic equipment
Medical testing devices
Physiotherapy apparatuses
Medical imaging components
Optics for medical instruments
Drug delivery device components
Medical device enclosures and housings

Typical Parts We Build for the Medical Industry

Alignment Screw 718 Inconel Swiss Screw Machining Burr Free Part for Clean Room Use CT Scanner
Micro-Tip AISI 316 Stainless Steel Micro Turning Micro Wire EDM Instrument Cap
Chamber 17-4 PH Cond H900 Eccentric Turning Honing ID to 8 Micro Finish Pneumatic Drill Core
Nozzle, Dispensing 17-4 PH Cond H900 Hard Turning EDM Wire 2mm Thru-Hole over 8 " Length Drug Dispensing Nozzle
Impeller, Polished 6Al-4v Titanium 5-Axis Milling Burr Free Polished Impeller Surface Experimental Heart Pump
Impeller PEEK 5-Axis Milling Burr-Free Micro Milling Fluid Flow
Rotor 6061-T6 Aluminum 4-Axis Milling 0.020" Thick Cell Walls Blood Gas Analyzer
Rotor Housing 6061-T6 Aluminum 4-Axis Milling Micro Milling of Housing to Accept Electronics Blood Gas Analyzer
Arc, Support Project 70 Steel 4-Axis Milling Drilling and Tapping Holes on the Face of a 48" Radius CT Scanner Rail
Gear Plate 17-4 PH Cond H900 4-Axis Milling Mill to Accept Miniature Gears Laser Eye Keratome
Stator 6061-T6 Aluminum 3-Axis Milling Circle Interpolate Boss with 0.001" Tolerance Blood Gas Analyzer
Barrier 718 Inconel Conventional Turn and Mill Used Ceramic Tooling for Turning CT Scanner
Insulator, Conductivity Kel-F PCTFE Plastic Mill/Turn Turn Tapered ID Profiles Element Isolator
Objective Head 17-4 PH Steel EDM Sinker EDM Sink with Miniature Copper Electrodes Catheter Head