Precision CNC Machining for Medical Industry

Our mission is to create top-notch components for the medical industry to improve the life quality of patients and healthcare workers.

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Precision Machined Parts for the Medical Industry

Runsom is a reliable manufacturer of medical critical components for surgical instruments and tools, and medical device prototyping. With more than 10 years of CNC manufacturing experience, we are fueled by the assurance of the closest tolerance and precision of each machined part. Our skilled machinists can customize machined parts design for each aspect of the medical industry with the highest standard.

We are fully trusted by our clients worldwide, most of whom become firm partners once placing their orders and receiving finished results far exceeding their expectations. The precision medical components fabricated by Runsom can be easily found in Trocar/Cannula Systems, CT and MRI Scanner Systems, Biopsy Cutters, Respiratory, Cardio Pulmonary and Cardiac Devices, and more.

Precision CNC Machining for Medical Components

Runsom always keeps innovative and forges ahead gradually in the field of CNC machining industry. Among these years, we have extensive branches of medical industry, fully trusted by developers and manufacturers and help them achieve business prosperity. The medical products are all processed and fabricated in dust-free and temperature-controlled conditions to ensure they operate exactly as required upon being put into usage.

CNC Machining for Radiology Equipment Parts

Radiologists need to do their job with precisely manufactured, properly functioning equipment to ensure accurate results. Thus, every single component must work clearly, instantly, and on the spot. What’s more, they also need to be durable, as well as mobile because these machines are often moved from one room to another room.
Our specialists have produced exceptional quality components for radiology equipment, such as anodes for x-ray systems, collimators for CT scans, and parts for MRI tables. You can always trust and count on Runsom from our attentive manufacturing of your special radiology instruments.

CNC Machined Parts for the Laboratory Devices

Likewise, laboratory work demands a high level of accuracy. Our components in consistent quality and ultimate precision are preferred by lab specialists with access to a diverse variety of components. The medical implants are exactly produced in line with required specifications, providing a standard for quality.

CNC Machined Components for Surgical Tools and Instruments

It’s universally acknowledged that the surgeon’s job needs to be extremely careful, precision, and concentrated. The experts at Runsom perform their skills and specialty in CNC machining of precision medical micro parts alike, and they totally know the meaning and importance of high-accuracy parts used in medical devices. Custom titanium implants, gears, and other micro components crafted by our 5-axis machining specialists have been widely used for implantable medical devices, cardiac devices, and orthopedic use.


CNC Machined Components for Surgical Tools
CNC Machined Parts for the Laboratory Devices

Our precision CNC Swiss lathes at our machine shop ensure measurable results from products in high quality and accuracy, building the best outcome in medical manufacturing. Backed by our specialized Swiss automatic lathes and highly skilled engineers, a large number of parts used in medical machines have been crafted via CNC Swiss machining, including ligation devices, handheld surgical equipment, catheters, and graspers.

We employ materials of the highest quality and durability to ensure parts made from them are not broken during medical procedures. You can select from our wide variety of materials that are versatile and lightweight, including:

Swiss CNC Machining for Micro Medical Components

Work with Runsom, we can always help you to tackle all your Swiss lathe fabrication demands.

Types of Medical Parts Machined for Medical Applications

Runsom utilizes 5-axis CNC machining technology to produce extremely micro parts in full compliance with requirements as stated, which lets our clients rest assured and greatly improves the applications, and ensures a reliable and safe medical device. A case in point is that there is a surgery tool needing to be machined accurately enough to cut the lens of an eye so as not to do damage to the eye itself. With the expertise of our machinists and our micro-machining capabilities, we dealt with this task smoothly and gained high praise from our customers.

Nowadays, CNC Machining applications in medical parts industry can be found everywhere. Key medical components provided by Runsom include:

Surgical Scissors

CNC Machined Surgical Scissors This instrument is of great significance in every medical procedure whenever it’s used to get into the skin or to cut sutures. The size and shape of surgical scissors tend to be customized precisely according to the needs of actual applications. For instance, it needs to be particularly tiny when applied to perform eye surgeries.
Runsom may be your premier choice for your surgical instrument manufacturing, no matter how complex and difficult your scissors are. We will work with you to fit every specification and requirement your project needs.


CNC Machined CannulasIV Cannula is a demanding medical product in every medical center around the world. Also, their size and shape are various depending on the task requirements - a case in point is needle gauges.
The latest and advanced pieces of equipment such as multi-axis CNC mills and Swiss CNC lathes in our machining center enable us to make precision cannulas that are available for surgical operations, whether to produce the sharp and angled point of an IV cannula or the hollow metal tube.

Biopsy Tubes

CNC Machined Biopsy TubesThe subject needs to be biopsied will determine the type of biopsy needle used during the surgical procedure. The type of needle varies in size according to different biopsies.
If your surgical instruments need to be tailored in compliance with the necessary demands on your task, Runsom is here to help you to boost your business. All key factors will be taken into consideration when we manufacture your medical tools and instruments in our ultra-precision CNC machining processes, such as safety, tolerance, cost, etc.

Saw Guides for Bone Surgery

CNC Machined Saw Guides for Bone SurgeryThis helps orthopedic surgeons to make cuts as clean as possible and avoid cutting too far into the bone by sawing. During orthopedic surgery, high-precision machined tools guarantee the highest precision results.
We understand that precision and accuracy mean everything in the medical industry and there is no room for any error occurring in the surgical tools. Turn to Runsom, and we have your answers on whether you need to outsource your medical machining demand or tailor a saw guide for the surgery.

Advantages of Automotive Parts on CNC Machining with Runsom

  • economical


    Tailored production solution for your medical manufacturing equipment or application in the most cost-effective way

  • Incredible Service

    Exceptional Service

    Let customers involve in every stage in the production process and solve problems in time

  • Efficient


    Achieve rapid medical parts prototyping & manufacturing for mass production

  • materials

    Durable Materials

    High-quality and eco-friendly materials satisfy the requirement of your medical applications

  • Great Accuracy

    Great Accuracy

    Highly skilled machinists and superior CNC machining centers ensure precision CNC machined surgical instruments and tools

  • Massive Capacity

    Massive Capacity

    Exceptional capability in-house allows us to deal with all kinds of orders in large volume

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At Runsom, you can benefit from high-caliber excellence at every stage of our work and always can be backed by our specialization, quality, and craftsmanship with an array of medical CNC machining services.

Machined Medical Parts for Surgical Devices Applications

CNC machining of surgical instruments and tools is a popular method in the manufacturing industry because it can reach up to the standards and specifications with an assurance of high tolerance and good quality. Components built to near-impossible specifications by Runsom have been widely used in medical apparatus and instruments.

  • Handheld devices
  • Cardiac devices
  • Medical treatment devices
  • Ultrasonic equipment
  • Medical insertion equipment
  • Medical diagnosis equipment
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Medical monitor instruments
  • Physiotherapy apparatuses
  • Electronic apparatuses
  • CT scanners
  • X-Ray systems
  • MRI tables
  • Medical carts

On-demand CNC Machined Medical Devices

CNC machining is a perfect option in the medical field with the high demand of modern society and technological development. Components used in medical equipment typically have characteristics like complicated structures and geometry during fabrication. We utilize precision CNC machining technologies like multi-axis CNC milling and CNC turning to create high accuracy and tolerance required by medical applications, and combine different machining processes such as injection molding, die casting, EDM, and wire EDM to craft intricate and incredible parts for healthcare systems.

Runsom is a credible manufacturer who supplies custom CNC machined components to OEMs in medical device markets. Supported by our leading-edge facilities and well-trained staff members, we acquire expertise and praise in the field of medical device machining and manufacturing. Whether you need rapid prototyping for functional testing or small to large-volume production, we can exactly fit the requirements and specifications you need through our high-speed multi-axis milling centers, CNC turning, Swiss machines, rapid prototyping equipment, and EDM. Our mission is to drive the manufacturing service in healthcare to improve the life quality of all individuals throughout this industry!

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