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Precision Medical Parts

Custom Machined Parts in Medical Industry

Runsom is a reliable manufacturer of medical critical components in surgical instruments, medical devices and machines. We guarantee each machined part with the highest tolerance and precision. In order to improve the life quality for patients and medical staff throughout this industry.

With more than 20 years of CNC manufacturing experience, our skilled machinists can produce any medical parts with highest accuracy. Our experience and reputation are never ignored, we can supply critical parts in CT and MRI Scanner system, Trocar/ Cannula system, biopsy cutters in surgical instruments. Also manufacture multiple medical parts such as Respiratory, Cardio Pulmonary, Cardiac Devices. Runsom is experienced in custom machined parts design for each aspect of Medical Industry.

Medical Machining Service

Precision Standards

Runsom is your perfect choice once come to medical machining. Our 5-axis machining and electrical discharge machining encourage us to be the most favorite manufacturer of surgical instrumentation and implants, cardiovascular devices, orthopedic devices. Miniature parts for dental operation are also no challenge for our experts. Our machining materials range from titanium, stainless steel to Invar, Kovar and Inconnel. We can satisfy all your requirements, no matter EDM machining of medical screws, precision lathe for implant prototyping, custom die or molds for in-house job.

There are various factors affect the results of medical CNC machining. Out facility is temperature and dust controlled, in order to guarantee the perfect environment in each performing process, and ensure high precision results. We believe that the optimal environment create the optimal products, it encourage us to achieve the tightest tolerance.

Precision for Application

Precision for Application

We need to create enough precise parts in surgery tools production, in order to cut the eye lens without other eye damaging. With 5 axis machining and micro-machining capabilities, we can produce several tiny parts as requirement once assembled. This will exceeding our customers’ expectations and guarantee the safe and reliable medical device. Our CNC machining medical parts including:

Surgical scissors: this is an essential instrument in every medical procedure, whether get into skin or cut sutures. There are various shapes and sizes of surgical scissors to fit a wide range of applications. For example, it will be particularly tiny in eye surgeries. If you are looking for a reliable CNC machining center to achieve incredible expectation. Runsom can meet all your exact demands, no matter any specifications, stainless steel, straight, curved, flat, blunt or sharp.

Cannulas: IV cannulas have high demand as these products are applied every medical center in worldwide. These cannulas also have multiple size as needle gauge. Runsom has advanced equipment like multi-axis milling and wire EDM, in order to produce high precision cannulas safely and effectively. Hollow metal tube, sharp and angled point of cannulas can be manufactured with high accuracy in our CNC machining center.

Biopsy tubes: biopsy procedure determines the biopsy needle types. There will be various size to fit all task requirement. In these parts manufacturing, safety, accuracy and cost are important elements. Runsom can achieve all these standards with our high quality, ultra-precision CNC machining services.

Bone saw guides: this will help orthopedic surgeons cut cleanly, and protect against cutting too far in bone sawing. Orthopedic procedures require the most precision tools to achieve the highest precision results. Runsom will satisfy all your requirements no matter permanent or custom saw guides for further surgery.

Swiss CNC Machining

Runsom can manufacture medical equipment parts with our specialized Swiss CNC machining lathes. We can fabricate a wide range of medical device components with CNC Swiss machining, such as ligation devices, handheld surgical equipment and catheters, graspers. No matter you require custom parts form 5 axis machining, wire EDM, micro-machining or precision manufacturing.

Our engineering team control the facility perfectly to guarantee the high precision, make sure that all medical components should be produced with the highest accuracy and tightest control. We also apply the high quality material to ensure parts sterile. Our versatile and lightweight materials including: Titanium, Stainless steel, Invar, Kovar, Inconel.

Precision CNC Medical Components

Runsom had extended its services to numerous branches of medical industry, form medical components manufacturer to innovation prototype developer. We apply the advanced technology to produce the highest precision parts in our temperature-controlled facility, which is unavailable to manufacture at other CNC centers. We promise to provide top quality products with ultimate precision.

Surgical Precision Devices

Our medical machining specialist have skills to guarantee manufacturing perfection. We supply parts and gears for cardiac and implant devices. Our 5-axis machining experts craft titanium implants for orthopedic application.

Medical Equipment for Laboratory

Accuracy plays a important role in medical lab. Our medical machine center produce parts exceed maximum performance. Lab technicians apply all kind of parts and devices form Runsom, including DNA insertion equipment, medical implants.

Micro Machining for Radiology Equipment

Radiologists rely on proper radiology equipment to finish their job successfully. As some equipment is applied during surgery of fracture repairing or other procedures. All these parts need to function instantly, clearly and on spot. Our medical device engineering team provide professional service with intricate production for parts like collimators, CT scans, MRI table components, anodes X-ray systems. We can guarantee the requirement of radiology instruments.

Runsom has trained professionals to work with you form start to finish, accomplish any impossible machining goals.