CNC Machining Services for Energy Industry

Runsom Precision provides precision CNC machining solutions, automation, and custom engineering services to manufacturers in energy industries such as oil, gas, solar, wind, and hydro with the highest quality components which fit their specific project needs.

Precision CNC Machined Parts and Components for the Energy Industry

The energy industry keeps fast growing with high demands on various types of equipment that require precision machined and durable parts or components to access fossil fuels, solar energy, water, wind, and more. Components built for drilling rigs, hydraulic fracturing equipment, refineries, wind turbines, and solar panels typically require durable materials and tight tolerance. CNC machining technology is a useful and effective method for the energy sector to build these systems and make quick repairs with precision machined parts.

Runsom Precision offers comprehensive machining solutions for the energy and renewable industries with precision machined parts and components designed to operate dependably in challenging environments such as highly corrosive and abrasive conditions. Our team of engineers and machinists has extensive experience in fabricating replacement parts in refineries or high-volume production of precision components for solar panels. They’ll collaborate with you to guarantee the production of the highest quality energy and power components, made to the exact specifications of your project. From wind and solar power to hydropower turbines, the components for the energy industry are made with the best materials and the tightest tolerances so that you can trust us for the best results.

Materials Available for CNC Energy Parts

Our team of skilled CNC engineers specializes in making a wide range of parts for the energy industry. They have the expertise to create component parts using a variety of materials based on your preferences and applications. Some of the common materials we work with to produce components for solar panel and wind turbine manufacturers include:


We work with a variety of commonly used metal alloys including aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper, and titanium. These metals are well-suited for applications that require high conductivity, resistance to corrosion, and lightweight strength. Steel is commonly used for making concentric pipes that need solid and tough material, while copper is ideal for its excellent electrical conductivity. In addition to these metals, there are other options available such as magnesium, brass, silver, tin, superalloys, and even custom materials.

CNC machined metal oil part

Nylon & Thermoplastics

We can make high-quality machined components that are specifically designed for both offshore and onshore applications. Nylon and other high-performance thermoplastics are particularly advantageous due to their strength, lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand wear and tear. These properties make them highly suitable for use in exploration and production environments. Nylon, for instance, is useful in cable handling and clamping applications, while thermoplastics can be CNC machined to create high-performance components. We offer a range of thermoplastic materials including:

CNC machined plastic oil part

Nylon 6 & 66 - nozzles, sheaves, wear pads, gears, industrial bearings

HDPE - cut boards, covers, pyrotechnic purposes

PEEK - seals and wears components, connectors, insulators, metal replacement

ULTEM - insulators, analytical components, underwater connector bodies

PPS - HPLC components, high-speed bushings, pump

PVDF - chemical transfer pipes, piping, sheets, tubing, films, tank lining

PAI - high-temperature electrical connectors, valve seats, wear rings, structural parts

Post-processing Available for CNC Energy Parts

We recognize the importance of combining high-quality parts with a visually appealing finish. To meet this need, we provide a range of finishing options that can enhance the mechanical properties of your component. These finishes not only serve a decorative purpose but also have functional benefits in certain cases. Below is a list of finishing options available for components used in the energy and power industry:




Laser Engraving





Insert Installation




Typical Parts We Build for the Energy Industry

Material OFHC Copper Tungsten Nickel Alloy Hastelloy X OFE C10100 H04 Hard Copper 6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium Haynes 230
Machining Process Turning & Polishing Fine Wire EDM Conventional Milling CNC Turning EDM Wire 5-Axis Milling
Specific Feature High Polish 4 Micro Finish 250 Micron Thru Holes Milling thin dog bone profile over 4"-8" length Mirror Finish- Polish critical 4" Diameter Cylinder with 0.008" Thick Wall Drill and Tap 000-120 Threaded Holes
Application Gas Meter Laser Alignment Turbine Insert Natural Gas Meter Hydraulic Flow Laser Focal Component

Advantages of CNC Machining for Energy Parts

Renewable energy projects rely heavily on the technology, equipment, and machinery that conduct smooth operations. These installations need to achieve optimal efficiency and reliability to minimize their carbon footprint and maximize power generation. To ensure long-term reliability, it's crucial to utilize high-quality parts manufactured using CNC machining in renewable energy projects.

There are several benefits of using CNC machining in the renewable energy sector for part production:

CNC machining is highly capable of producing intricate and complex parts.

It allows for the production of parts with high-quality finishes and exceptional precision.

CNC machining processes provide the flexibility to deal with both high-volume production and small-scale custom projects.

It's versatile to produce complex parts in both large and small sizes with high accuracy and consistency.

CNC machining is cost-saving for fast repairs or modifications to existing parts.

Applications of CNC Machined Parts for the Energy Industry

The energy sector requires high precision and adherence to strict specifications in manufacturing. Whether it's solar, wind, or water energy, large parts and components need to be robust and resilient when subjected to harsh operating conditions. We are ready to address challenges for various energy sources, including commercial electricity, solar power, fossil fuels, oil, and gas with comprehensive manufacturing solutions to enhance overall product quality and cost efficiency. Some of the energy components we manufacture include:


Jigs and fixtures

Flowmeter parts

Generator parts

Quick repair tools

Pilot testing parts

Sand control screens


Turbine blades

Pump manifolds

Drill rig components

Nozzles and flow meter parts

Engineering test pieces

Flowline components

Wind and water turbines

Blades, rotor parts, and fans

Impellers, pipelines, and pipe centralizers

Power stations and transformer components

Gears and shafts (ram shafts, locking shafts, and bonnets)

Enclosures and sealing accessories for explosives and perforating

Why Choose Us for Energy Parts Production?

1. Quick Quoting: Our mature quotation system and prompt design feedback can help you save time and costs. The quote is within 24 hours, often even faster.

2. Rapid Prototyping: With top-notch 3-5 axis CNC machine tools and a range of auxiliary equipment, we offer round-the-clock rapid processing for part prototyping and CNC energy part mass production.

3. Custom Energy Parts: We can create customized components specifically catering to the requirements of the energy, oil, and gas industries. Our solutions present numerous opportunities for mechanical, cosmetic, or performance-driven customization in the energy industry.

4. Competitive Price: Our on-demand production services for industrial components offer cost-effective solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities outperform traditional methods in terms of cost-effectiveness, speed, and quality.

5. Exceptional Precision: We have the expertise to manufacture large parts with exceptional dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. Through our multi-axis CNC machines, we can achieve precise production of large parts. Our experienced engineers, combined with advanced machinery, ensure the highest level of precision for your projects.

6. No Minimum Order Quantity: At Runsom Precision, we provide production flexibility that suits your needs, whether you require a single part or a thousand. There is no minimum order quantity, allowing you to take advantage of our low-volume production option and manufacture prototypes or small production runs without any constraints.

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CNC Machining for Four Main Sectors in the Energy Industry

CNC machining can be applied to virtually any type of energy project, but we specialize in four key sectors: hydropower, solar, wind, and oil & gas.

hydro power


CNC machining can achieve the large size, precision, and durability required by hydropower turbines. These parts, such as shafts, bushings, turbine housings, impellers, and covers, have to withstand extreme pressure and corrosion, and are usually made from materials like stainless steel which can be easily processed by CNC machining.

In many cases, the parts fabricated, such as hydroelectric turbines, can only be achieved through the use of CNC machines with the capacity to turn and mill larger parts that can range in size. As such, CNC machining is versatile in producing parts in large sizes for the turbines and other parts required to make these substantial generators run.

Solar Energy

CNC machines are preferred for rapid prototyping solar panels due to the ease of modifying designs in CNC machining. Thus, panel manufacturers are increasingly relying on CNC machine centers to manufacture support components such as panel frames, back rails, and carrier rails. These parts require extensive cutting, milling, and drilling processes. In addition to the solar cells and frames themselves, there are many other parts related to the panel's movement that requires precision manufacturing that can only be achieved through the use of CNC machines.

Solar power
wind turbine

Wind Turbines

To generate wind power, parts must be extremely durable and precise. In addition to the turbine blades, other common wind turbine parts created by CNC machining include most of the key drive components located inside the turbine nacelle. These include main shafts, generator frames, brake components, hubs, gears, gearbox housings, rotors, and YAW system components. Additionally, CNC machining is also used to make high-precision holes in the turbine's heat exchange plates.

Aside from drive components, CNC machining is also ideal for making the giant pitch bearings used in the wind turbine blade angle adjustment mechanism. These bearings that require dimension and a high degree of accuracy are essential for the turbine's optimal performance and safety, as they adjust the blade angle to suit changing wind conditions.

Oil & Gas

The components used in the oil and gas industry require top-notch quality and tolerance. Due to their extended periods of operation and the extreme conditions underground, factors such as strength, durability, reliability, and dimensional accuracy are essential elements for long service life. With CNC machining, you can count on us to receive components with outstanding dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. Our CNC machines also allow for the creation of large parts with high strength-to-weight ratios for ball valve balls, couplings, down-hole tools, pump components, pipes and fittings, fluid ends, feed fingers, and valve blocks.

oil & gas

Prototyping CNC Machining Services for the Energy Industry

In the energy industry, CNC machining plays a crucial role across various sectors such as hydropower, solar energy, wind turbines, and oil & gas. Precision machining is beneficial for the creation of energy and power parts from manufacturing wind turbine blades and rotor shafts to performing maintenance and repairs. When selecting a machining company for your energy-related needs, it's vital to choose one with proven expertise in the energy and power field.

With our top-notch CNC services, Runsom Precision serves companies globally, delivering the finest components for the energy sector. When you require precision machined components crafted by a team of reliable experts, Runsom Precision is the ideal choice for you. Get in touch with us today to know more about our precision CNC machining capabilities for your energy project.