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Impeller vanes are usually made of metal, usually with compound curves, and are closely spaced, which makes the impeller machining process very difficult. Runsom Precision has over ten years of experience in machining impellers and other rotor components. The tightest tolerance we can achieve is as close as 0.002mm and standardized inspection reports are available for every order to ensure quality metrics are met. And we offer a wide variety of CNC machining technologies including precision 5-axis CNC machining, CNC turning, and Micromachining, along with broad options of post-processing operations and materials to custom-design all kinds of impellers required by customers.

What is Impeller Machining

The Definition of Impeller Machining

An impeller is a power machine with continuously rotating blades as the main body, which converts the energy between the shaft power and the fluid working medium. According to the direction of fluid movement, it can be divided into combined type, radial flow, axial flow, mixed flow,  etc. The machined impeller is one of the most critical components used for centrifugal blowers, automotive superchargers, aero engines, marine propellers, air compressors, etc.

The 5-axis linkage machining center is unique in its incredible processing ability to fabricate impellers that require a high level of precision and accuracy.

Runsom has dealt with numerous cases of impellers and turbines for functional prototyping and batch production and provided comprehensive solutions for global customers to meet their manufacturing needs on demand.

How to Process Impellers and Turbines

Considering the actual function conditions of the whole impeller, usually, it has high precision in the overall surface, rotates at high speed during operation, and requires high dynamic balance. Combined with some key factors affecting the precision of impellers including the shape, structural characteristics, and materials, the analysis of processing characteristics is shown as follows:

In most cases, there are many blades on the impeller. The blades vary according to the diameter of the hub. The length of the blade may differ from each one, so the blade has a curved surface with a high degree of distortion and elevation angle.

The relative movement of the tool during processing easily interferes with the adjacent blades, so the selection of the cutting direction of the tool is particularly important. Additionally, the curved surface needs to be processed in sections, and attention should be paid to the consistency of the machined surface.

The processing space is limited due to the narrow flow path between blades. Thus, it’s of great difficulty to use large-diameter tools that have high rigidity and strength.

The radius curvature of blade edges varies widely, which largely changes the angle of the tool and fixture.

To meet the strength requirements, the transition between the impeller boss and the blade shall be smoothed, and care should be taken to the correct selection of tools.

The impeller blade is a thin-walled part with a complex structure and poor machining rigidity. The process needs to take multiple steps, repeatedly machining the blade profile to avoid deformation caused by machining residual stresses.

The material of the integral impeller is generally titanium alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. Therefore, the blank is generally forged, and then the reference plane is turned to process the basic shape of the impeller rotation to improve the strength of the integral impeller.

The arrangements of the tool path are as follows:

  1. Turning cylindrical;
  2. Milling end surface;
  3. Drilling center hole;
  4. Boring a hole;
  5. Plugging keyway;
  6. Roughing impeller contour;
  7. Rough processing vane;
  8. Rough processing;
  9. Finishing vane;
  10. Finishing flow surface;
  11. Grinding edge deburring.
The Explanation of How to Process Impellers and Turbines

Dynamic Balance in 5-axis CNC Impeller Machining

Dynamic Balance in 5-axis CNC Impeller Machining

The impeller functions at a high rotating speed, and the unbalance will lead to the lateral vibration of the rotor and cause the rotor to suffer from unnecessary dynamic loads. Such a circumstance may be not conducive to the regular operation of the rotor, so it’s a key point that most impellers shall be dynamically balanced.

And operations like de-weighting and counter-weighting are needed to reach the required level of balance. So, these data including the speed, balance level of the impeller, weight, and diameter should be collected and measured before conducting dynamic balancing.

There are high-speed balancing machines with a resolution of 10mg equipped in Runsom's factories, allowing us to realize the highest balance grade of G1. Working with us, you can receive parts that are designed to seamlessly work with any existing system no matter how small, accurate or precise they need to be.

Impeller Manufacturing Processes

Programming Icon

1. Programming

We employ intelligent CAD or CAM software to monitor the whole machining process from the production preparation to product manufacturing to ensure the best quality and highest efficiency.

Manufacturing Icon

2. Manufacturing

Our experts and machinists are proficient in the machining process of impellers by using the proper cutting tools, machines, and strategies to fabricate complicated parts or components as per requirements.

Quality Control Icon

3. Quality Control

We have a mature quality control system and specialized inspectors to exactly match the specifications and assure the quality issue.  And we have introduced a set of the latest product quality instrumentation.

Parts Delivery Icon

4. Parts Delivery

Counting on Runsom, your virtual models will be transferred into reality products within a short turnaround in consistently high quality. We always keep in mind that the crucial delivery, requirements, budgets, and special needs each client comes up with.

Selection of Materials for Impeller Machining

Impellers have to perform well under harsh conditions and withstand unexpected variations. Hence, the materials made of precision machined impellers are generally qualified with comprehensive mechanical characteristics and properties. The selection of materials for machined impellers must fit critical requirements as shown below:

Great tolerance to high temperatures

Good vibration damping capacity

High resistance to corrosion and chemicals

Exceptional machinability

Incredible dimensional stability

Selection of Materials for Impeller Machining

As the impeller is widely used as an essential component of the aero engine, the high strength-to-weight ratio is a fundamental parameter for materials made of it. LD5 aluminum may be a good choice in such applications.

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CNC Machining Impeller for Turbomachinery

Runsom utilizes 5-axis CNC machining technology to manufacture rotating and bladed components used in centrifugal pumps, turbo jet engines, oil-free air compressors, turbo blowers, gas turbines, and turbochargers. We have engaged in thousands of vane grinding projects for a larger number of customers worldwide and gained valuable and useful experience and knowledge in custom CNC machining impellers.

The standard tolerance of 5-axis CNC machined components manufactured in Runsom is +/- 0.005 inches, and closer tolerances can be achieved and tailored depending on your designs or actual usage. We work with a wide range of metals and plastics to create impellers and turbines available for numerous applications across different industries. Each part will go through the overall quality inspection and control such as strict final test, CMM, and 3D scan inspection so as to provide each customer with the best-finished results and fit their crucial requirements as much as possible.

5 Axis CNC Impeller Machining

5 Axis CNC Impeller Machining

Currently, 5-axis CNC machining is regarded as the most effective method to generate precision parts with intricate surfaces and irregular, multifaceted, convex, and concave features, particularly those curves and surfaces demanding high accuracy and described by certain numerical theoretical equations, such as the overall impeller vane, turbines vane, etc.

The difficulty of impeller machining mainly results from the effect of the complex curved surfaces of its vane. Therefore, the performance of CNC machine tools significantly determines the level of accuracy and structural complexity of impellers. Since CNC machine tools have four-axis linkage or five-axis linkage, when employing it to machine impellers, this technique can enable the ball head part of the tool to cut the workpiece precisely. Also, it can effectively avoid interference or over-cutting between the tool body or tool bar part and the other parts of the workpiece by using its rotating shaft.

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Specializing in CNC machining of small and medium rotating and bladed components for over ten years, Runsom Precision is an ISO certificated machine shop owning the capability to produce a variety of structural dimensions and near-impossible specifications for the field of oil and energy, turbomachinery, and aerospace.

Backed against our superior equipment like precision 5-axis CNC machines and extensive knowledge of matured and cutting-edge technologies, the outcome of every impeller produced by Runsom is completely in compliance with industrial standards and even builds a new benchmark in the whole industry. So, it’s easy to find our products across broad applications from boat propellers to compressor wheels.

Impeller CNC Machining Services in China

Impellers and turbines made from CNC machining have sophisticated structures and geometry. In practice, the custom-made impeller rotates very fast, and the tangential velocity of the rim is also fast. Flow conditions in impellers are complex, often under high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive environments. Thus, the precise design and manufacturing quality play a significant role in the great performance and features of turbomachinery equipment.

With more than ten years of machining experience in custom impeller fabrication, Runsom Precision has offered available solutions to global customers across the field of energy production and power generation to fulfill their critical demands and specifications. Our factories have equipped with pieces of the latest and advanced 5-axis CNC machining centers coupled with highly skilled machinists and well-trained operators, allowing us to craft impellers and turbines with incredible quality and accuracy at a fast cycle time.

The unmatched in-house capacities enable us to make large quantities of impellers with different configurations ranging from 0.39 inch(10 mm) diameter to 23.6 in(600mm) diameter, which perfectly meet the needs of different dimensional details for clients’ applications.