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    Titanium CNC Machining Services - China Titanium CNC Machining Manufacturer

    Runsom Precision is an ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC machine shop specializing in the manufacturing of precision CNC machined titanium parts for various industries and the fabrication of multifaceted upper-level products for challenging projects. Backed by superior in-house equipment and tool facilities, highly skilled machinists, and enormous experience, we can deliver a wide variety of custom titanium alloy components and parts with the highest quality and exactly matched specifications that help optimize client supply chains.

    Our CNC machining centers provide multiple options for different manufacturing processes of titanium components including milling, turning, drilling, etc. Also, you can find a multitude of surface finishing operations in our secondary processing selections, so you can enjoy the one-stop services working with us from choosing raw materials to delivering the final parts. Typical titanium components produced by Runsom Precision include engine cowlings and heat shields, airplane parts and fasteners, casings, compressor blades, gas turbine engines, and so on. All of these products have been put into use in a broad range of applications and industries.

    Titanium CNC Machining Specification






    Titanium parts have been widely used in the aerospace, medical, military and marine industries due to its advanced material properties.


    It is determined by the desired effect and the titanium used. A tolerance of ±0.005”(±0.13 mm) is available at Runsom Precision.


    High strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion resistance, high operating temperatures, low thermal expansion, and nontoxicity.

    Max Part Size

    The maximum size is mostly decided by the available machine and part geometry.


    High cost and low machinability.

    Wall Thickness

    A minimum wall thickness of ±0.03”(±0.8 mm).

    Lead Time

    As fast as 3 days, but it will be finally determined by part complexity and order quantity.


    As machined, Case hardening, Anodizing.

    As an inert lustrous metal material, titanium easily binds with aluminum, iron, nickel, and other metals to form lots of high-performance titanium alloys. Specific attributes may differ from different grades. But some common properties of titanium below are often referred to:

    High strength

    Oxide resistance

    Erosion resistance



    High strength-to-weight ratio


    High energy absorption

    Low adhesion

    Titanium Grades We Work With

    There are a broad variety of titanium subtypes and alloys. At Runsom Precision, we mainly adopt the three titanium materials for CNC machining. The following are briefs about the main grades of titanium we are proficient with:

    Titanium Grade 1

    Titanium Grade 1 is the first of four commercially pure titanium grades with great impact and corrosion tolerance, and excellent weldability, which possesses the highest softness and ductility of these grades. 

    Titanium Grade 2

    Titanium Grade 2 is a pure alpha titanium with higher strength than Grade 1 and equally performs great bio-compatibility and corrosion resistance. Therefore, this type of titanium alloy is widely used in all product forms for industrial services. 

    Titanium Grade 5 | 3.7164 | Ti6Al4V

    Titanium Grade 5 offers higher strength and temperature tolerance as compared to that offered by Grade 2. That is the reason why this kind of titanium alloy is well known for its great properties and is most commonly used in vast applications.

    If you still have no idea about which titanium material is best suited for your CNC machining needs, Runsom Precision just has your answer. We are ready for every challenge and strive for being the best in this industry. Just upload your design file and receive an instant quote, as well as DfM feedback.

    Titanium CNC Machined Parts for Industries Applications

    Titanium is an ideal material for a large number of engineering applications, especially in the aerospace, marine, medical, and energy industries, etc. That greatly depends on its exceptional material characteristics such as excellent strength-to-weight ratio, good corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. The strength of the titanium alloys is twice that of aluminum but it’s 60 percent lighter than the latter. That’s exactly why titanium alloys are highly emphasized by manufacturers in critical areas like aircraft, spacecraft, and surgical instruments.

    Medical-related uses for titanium include:

    Medical prostheses


    Orthopedic implants

    Neurostimulation devices


    Drug pumps

    Bone growth stimulators

    Battery components

    As an alloy with a host of superior features, titanium is commonly regarded as an optimal choice for CNC machined parts with specific applications or requirements. With its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to withstand extremely harsh environments, titanium is significantly utilized by high-tech industries, including:




    Power generation

    Oil and gas





    Water treatment

    Why Choose Runsom Precision Titanium CNC Machining Services


    Quality assurance and available cost-saving tips for your titanium projects


    Excellent capabilities in-house with high efficiency, productivity, and precision


    A vast variety of titanium grades and alloys materials available for CNC machining

    functional testing

    Extensive machining capacity ranging from prototyping, low to high-scale production


    The capability of creating complex titanium machined parts at tight tolerances

    cutting tools

    Full sets of milling and turning machines at our disposal to fulfill orders on time

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    Are you rightly looking for a reliable and proficient CNC machine shop to outsource your titanium parts projects? Runsom Precision is here to assist you to create your desired products in consistent quality and tolerance within a fast turnaround with our state-of-the-art titanium CNC machining services, a team of skilled experts, paired with cutting-edge CNC machining equipment. To acquire more details about us, please reach out to our specialists today. Or just simply upload your CAD files or drawings online to get an instant quote for free.

    CNC Machining Titanium Parts Gallery

    Titanium CNC machining FAQs

    Titanium has ideal material properties, and it is relatively easy to process. It can be welded (in an inert atmosphere) and can be CNC machined like stainless steel.

    You can perform Computer Numerical Control processing on titanium parts by uploading a CAD (. STL) file to our platform and receiving quotations. You can then submit the part for production and receive it within the quoted lead time.

    Titanium has very high strength and huge strength-to-weight ratio. In fact, its strength is only 5% lower than steel, but its weight is 40% lighter than steel, which makes it very suitable for high-tech industries, such as automobile, energy, and aerospace.

    The cost of CNC machining titanium is determined by the dimension and complexity of the part and the type of titanium used. These variables will affect the cost of raw materials, the type of machine required, and the time required to produce the part.

    To get a fast quoting, what you need to do is just several simple steps: Submit your CAD files along with your budget, timeline, delivery preferences, and standard requirements, and you will receive a fast quotation within 24h for free.

    It can be said that this is the challenge of titanium machining. Titanium is very hard. Well, Grade 1 titanium - referring to pure titanium - is actually a somewhat soft metal, but the most common alloy, Grade 5, is hard. More importantly, titanium is also a kind of gummy metal that can be cut.

    The “pure titanium” alloys are the ones easiest to be machined. They are not completely “pure” because they are made of 99.5% - 99.8% titanium with small amounts of iron (Fe) and carbon (C). They are divided into grades 1 to 4 according to the content of titanium (the most popular is grade 2).

    Custom CNC Machining Titanium Parts

    We're well equipped with a large quantity of advanced equipment and machinery, allowing us to easily perform precision fabricating of titanium parts. Part of the exceptional tools we apply include CNC lathes, CNC mills, turning centers with live tools, vertical and horizontal mills, cold saws, tool grinders, and tool setters. All these tools and machinery enable us to carry out a broad high-quality machining operations with high efficiency and accuracy, such as turning, thread milling, drilling, reaming, pocketing, profiling, broaching, and much more. In addition, we also offer various secondary processing services, for instance, bead blasted, polishing, powder coating, heat treating, anodizing, and smooth machining available for strengthening mechanical properties.

    We work with a variety of material grades, such as Titanium Grades 1-4, Titanium Grade 5, and Titanium Grade 9, to create durable, accurate, and versatile titanium components and parts. Our extensive machining capabilities and expertise give us the confidence and ability to machine whatever our customers want, whether it's a simple, low volume part or a complex part with tight tolerances and complex shapes. By choosing CNC machining titanium parts at Runsom Precision, you will have unlimited possibilities and perfect finished results.

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      Please submit your drawings to us. Files can be compressed into ZIP or RAR folder if they are too large. We can work with files in format like pdf, sat, dwg, rar, zip, dxf, xt, igs, stp, step, iges, bmp, png, jpg, doc, xls, sldprt.