Summary of Three Main Grades of Titanium

Selection from three grades of titanium for CNC machining
Jack Lie CNC machining expert

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Mechanical PropertyTitanium Grade 1Titanium Grade 2Titanium Grade 5 | 3.7164 | Ti6Al4V
Ultimate tensile strength240 MPa344 – 420 MPa950 MPa
Yield strength170 – 310 MPa275 – 410 MPa880 MPa
Young’s modulus
(modulus of elasticity)
103 – 105 GPa105 – 110 GPa113.8 GPa
Elongation at break24 %20 -23 %14 %
Hardness120 HB80 – 82 HRB334 HB
AdvantagesIncredible corrosion resistance,
strength-to-density ratio
highly corrosion resistant,
excellent weldability
Excellent bio-compatibility,
very high corrosion resistance
ApplicationsAirframe components,
Cryogenic vessels, Heat exchangers,
CPI equipment, Condenser tubing