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    Runsom excels in CNC metal machining for more than ten years paired with our highly skilled engineering team and machinists. Our well-equipped facilities enable the incredible capability in-house, micron tolerance, and intricate geometry in CNC metal machining.

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    CNC machined metals are universally applied to every major industry from medical to aerospace. CNC metal machining is popular in the mechanical manufacturing industry for tight accuracy, high quality, and great efficiency. The CNC metal machining process involves different machining processes, such as CNC turning, milling, drilling, EDM, and wire EDM. The desired size, shape, and surface finish of the part can be formed through the process of removing metal material with cutting work.

    At our facility, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of post-processing and secondary operations tailored to suit your specific needs. Our comprehensive metal machining services are adept in working with various materials, including magnesium, zinc, brass, steel, and stainless steel, with particular expertise in CNC aluminum machining. We guarantee that our CNC machined metal parts and components will align seamlessly with your product designs or drawings and files, providing both one-off prototypes and end-use custom parts through our advanced CNC metal machining processes.

    CNC metal machining

    Understanding How Metal CNC Machining Works

    Metal CNC machining

    In CNC machining, a CNC machine carries out operations under a specific set of codes that contains a list of instructions on how to remove the metal materials to the desired geometry, size, and surface finish. The multi-process machining of a workpiece after a single setup starts with an automatic tool change function in the tool storage of CNC machine tools.

    The machine tool is under the control of the CNC control system which can make tools, tooling, spindle speed, feed, etc change automatically. Thus, the part can be machined by milling, boring, drilling, and other processes consistently, significantly lowering the auxiliary setup time, such as measuring and machine tool adjustment, and the workpiece clamping. It’s ideal for repeatable tasks with high accuracy and tolerance.

    Why Choose CNC Machining for Metal Parts

    Choosing CNC for metal machining is ideal for dealing with small runs of metal parts, particularly for prototypes or low-volume production.

     1. Incredible repeatability and precision

    Using CNC machining metal parts ensures a higher grade of accuracy and precision. The production runs in a consistent machining process and completely automated programming, allowing each part or prototype to be an exact copy of the first one. A completely consistent output and a faster and easier machining process are achieved.

    CNC machining metal
    CNC drilling metal parts

    2. Reduced production costs & errors

    It has been a tendency to apply automated machining to the mechanical manufacturing industry with the development of science and technology. The completely automated process in a preprogrammed pattern is controlled by a computer or a robot, making it possible to save lots of effort and time, for example, reducing the workload and human involvement in production lines and thus lowering production costs.

    3. High efficiency and flexibility

    CNC machining has been commonly recognized as an ideal manufacturing process to make sure high quality in metal parts machining. The whole course of the manufacturing process is running on the base of automated machine positioning systems and adjustable fixtures, so it’s of greater flexibility to react to production schedules.

    CNC turning metals


    Fast turnaround time & quality

    control system

    A variety of surface finishes for CNC-machined metal parts


    Tight tolerances. Within +/- 0.002 in. (0.05 mm) for metal parts


    Comprehensive knowledge of CNC metal machining for years

    Metal Alloys Available for CNC Machining

    CNC machined metals are ideal for a series of parts ranging from prototypes to engineering models. And nearly all types of metal materials can be processed with modern machine tools of great rigidity and high power capacity. No matter for general-purpose materials that are highly machinable and thus ideal for testing designs at a low cost, like aluminum, or for some materials that are extremely durable and have incredible heat tolerance, like titanium, all of these metal materials can be machined.

    If your project has a demand for parts with excellent properties like high resistance to impact and corrosion, and high heat deflection, you may consider CNC machined metal alloys as your primary choice. We have the capability to easily work with a variety of metals to meet your needs:

    Aluminum Alloys

    CNC Turning Services at Runsom

    Aluminum 6061
    Aluminum 5052
    Aluminum 2024
    Aluminum 6063
    Aluminum 7050
    Aluminum 7075
    Aluminum MIC-6
    Learn more about aluminum for CNC machining.

    Copper Alloys

    CNC machining in copper

    Copper 101
    Copper C110
    Learn more about copper for CNC machining.

    Brass Alloys

    CNC machining in brass

    Copper 260
    Copper 360
    Learn more about brass for CNC machining.

    Stainless Steel Alloys
    • Nitronic 60 (218 SS)
    • Stainless Steel 15-5
    • Stainless Steel 17-4
    • Stainless Steel 18-8
    • Stainless Steel 303
    • Stainless Steel 316/316L
    • Stainless Steel 416
    • Stainless Steel 410
    • Stainless Steel 420
    • Stainless Steel 440C

    Learn more about stainless steel for CNC machining.

    Steel Alloys

    CNC machining in steel

    Steel 1018
    Steel 1215
    Steel 4130
    Steel 4140
    Steel 4140PH
    Steel 4340
    Steel A36
    Learn more about steel for CNC machining.

    Titanium Alloys

    Titanium CNC Machined PartsTitanium (Grade 1)
    Titanium (Grade 2)
    Titanium (Grade 5)

    Learn more about titanium for CNC machining.

    What You'll Benefit from Our Metal CNC Machining


    Metal prototyping helps to test whether there are some features in your product design difficult to function before putting into full production, avoiding undue costly rework expense.

    Precision Machining

    With our state-of-the-art utility equipment and personal dedication of our CNC machinists and programmers, it means no too difficult or too complex project for Runsom.

    Transform a concept

    Our multi-processing treatments can be integrated into a single machining operation by employing the technology of CNC programming and automatic tool change systems.


    We use multi-axis CNC machines, allowing parts to be cut at almost any angle. Incredible precision brougt by our excellent 5-axis CNC metal machining can be seen in every metal part and component.


    7*24h customer support and flexible production mode are available for prompt low volumes of metal CNC machining.


    There is a wide range of post-processing and secondary operations adapting to your metal parts needs.

    CNC Machining Processes Available for Metals


    CNC Milling Metals

    Milling uses a cutting tool that cuts through the metal stock in a rotatory movement. Features created in the milling processes include complex contours, flat surfaces, pockets, chamfers, and slots.


    CNC Turning Metals

    Instead of using a rotating cutting tool, the metal stock is the one that rotates while the tool approaches it in a linear motion. This process is perfect for creating cylindrical components.


    CNC Drilling Metals

    It is specifically used to drill round holes in the metal stock. Its main difference from a handheld driller is that the movement is controlled by a lever to enlarge a drilled hole to a more precise diameter.


    Metal machining using EDM

    It involves a machining process that vaporizes particles from the surface using sparks from an electric current, instead of cutting through the metal materials. EDM can be adopted as an auxiliary machining process, especially in aluminum machining.

    Wire EDM

    Metal machining using Wire EDM

    It cuts the metal workpiece by the corrosion effect of the pulse discharge. A pulse current passes through the workpiece and a moving metal wire whose function is as the tool electrode.

    Surface Finishes Available for Metals CNC Machining

    After your metal parts are machined, Runsom can offer a wide range of post-processing and secondary operations adapting to your needs:


    Powder coating

    Bead blasted

    Zinc plating

    Gold plating

    Silver plating

    Nickel plating

    Electroless nickel plating


    Titanium anodizing

    CNC Machined Metal Part-11

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    Runsom possesses a mature operation system to manufacture both prototypes and production runs in a precise and efficient mode. We can provide customers around the world with top support of CNC metal machining service. Do not hesitate anymore. We are here to help you with your CNC project needs. Get an instant quote today!

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    CNC machined aluminum part

    You may rest assured that we have an experienced engineering team, advanced production, inspection equipment, and mature management systems.

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    We have optimized the manufacturing process combinations that will greatly save the production cost with the production capabilities of metal parts expended.

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    Quality control for CNC machined metal part

    Certificated by ISO9001:2015, we have strict requirements for quality. To meet high quality, we have a sound quality control system and well-equipped measuring devices.

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