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Precision Optical CNC Components

Machining Center for Microscope, Laser and Telescope Component

Optical components in industry requires the highest precision and accuracy, in order to guarantee the further placement in complex equipment, such as microscopes, laser system and telescope system.

Runsom has advanced 5 axis CNC machines to mill components precisely, which will meet rigorous demands of optical industry with the highest tolerances in less than 0.0001. Our engineering team understand the part fitness in the whole project and its unique application, our machinists can produce part in the most effect way, in order to ensure all parts can fit perfectly into its final assembly.

Runsom can face any challenge and never accept defeat, we can produce complex components with the highest precision and accuracy. This is not the first case that we make impossible requirement into appeared possible.

Swiss Machined Part for Optical Demand

It is essential to manufacture the smallest parts with the tightest tolerances in optical industry. Our Swiss CNC lathes provide the highest quality parts for optical applications, from 5 axis machining to wire EDM, our professional CNC services will provide the best precision parts at the most affordable cost for your optical business. Our main Swiss machined parts in optical industry including: microscopes, telescopes, cameras, glass.

Runsom exceed quality standard in Swiss machining constantly form precision micro-machining to wire EDM, our professional CNC services provide the ultra-precision parts with the highest quality materials at the tightest tolerances.

Precision Machining for Optical Industry

Electron microscopes need lens holders to handle delicate lens and durable enough to protect them. We understand that it is essential of the highest tolerance once deal with tiny thing as minute as electrons, where even a slight error could be disastrous. Runsom had experience in custom components design with these consistent strict requirements and regulations. Our precision machining services are in high demand of the entire optical industry.

We can produce not only lens holders and assemblies, but also optics assembly housing or bore-scopes. In optical housing assembly housing production, we should ensure all lens assembly can function accurately with properly securing. Our CNC service in optical industry including:

5 axis milling, RAM EDM, wire EDM, micro-machining, CNC turning, Deburring