Precision Optical CNC Machining Service

Specializing in providing CNC machining solutions for rapid prototyping and manufacturing of optical parts to meet various optical applications, our optical precision machining services ensure excellent surface finishes and precise machining of optical parts with complex geometric details.

The optical industry relies on mechanical components of utmost precision and accuracy to ensure their seamless integration into sophisticated equipment like lasers, cameras, microscopes, and telescopes. End users of these products demand high levels of accuracy to support their specific optical solutions.

Optical product manufacturers in the optics industry often face significant challenges due to the extremely tight tolerances, demanding quality control standards, and the need for visually appealing aesthetics. However, our expertise and cutting-edge machinery position us well to tackle these challenges. We are well-versed in the challenging manufacturing requirements involved in the optical industry, including fine threading, precise positioning, and superior surface finishes.

At Runsom Precision, we consistently assist our customers in designing custom optical components in compliance with specific requirements and specifications. Our skilled machinists well comprehend how each component fits within the overall project and its intended application, enabling them to effectively machine parts that perfectly fit into the assembly.

CNC Machining of Optical Parts from Prototype to Production

CNC machined cameral housings

Given the nature of the optical industry, it usually requires multiple trials before commencing mass production, making it crucial to work with a manufacturing partner with extensive flexibility in their production capabilities. Our customers frequently demand a swift transition from optical part prototypes to mass production, and at Runsom Precision, we are fully equipped to fulfill these requirements.

As an advanced CNC machine shop in China, we have the capacity to handle production volumes that span from rapid prototyping of a single part to mass production runs of up to 100,000 parts. Furthermore, our top-notch CNC lathe equipment allows us to provide customers with shorter lead times for part delivery.

Our CNC Machining Capabilities for the Optical Industry

Swiss-style CNC lathes and 5-axis CNC machines equipped in our machine shop have incredible flexibility to make custom optical parts and components with high precision and quality. As a result, our precision CNC machining services for optical components are highly sought after throughout the industry.

Our advanced 5-axis CNC machine centers offer several advantages over traditional optics manufacturing equipment. They significantly reduce tool wear, resulting in shorter cycle times and enabling the attainment of tighter tolerances compared to conventional diamond turning techniques. These machine centers are particularly well-suited for manufacturing optical components with complex geometries, including inflected aspheres and freeforms, as well as parts featuring bevels, holes, channels, and other intricate features. Additionally, the precision machine centers expedite the production of tooling for glass molding and other processes, leading to reduced lead times. Learn more...

Swiss-style lathes employ a unique approach wherein the workpiece is pushed through a guide bushing, enabling both axial and rotational movement. This design minimizes deflections by maintaining the tooling close to the guide bushing, regardless of the length of the part. The Swiss-style machining process is particularly beneficial for producing long, slender, and intricate components. With our Swiss CNC machining service, we prioritize the implementation of well-established quality procedures and standards across the manufacturing and supply chain process, guaranteeing on-time delivery of high-quality components. Learn more...

Materials Available for Optical CNC Machining

In the field of optical measuring and metrology, even the slightest manufacturing flaws in machined parts can have a severe impact on the performance of measuring devices. It is crucial that all components, ranging from the device housing to the base plate, are constructed using materials that offer the necessary stability to ensure precise and consistent results.

As an example, the frames of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) are often constructed using a combination of aluminum alloys and ceramics, aiming to enhance the rigidity of the apparatus, particularly for the Z-axis direction, which is crucial for scanning applications.

To ensure that our components are ideally suited for your optical applications, our team of engineers designs them with the most appropriate materials. Our experience has shown that the following materials are particularly effective for projects in the optical industry:

CNC machined cameral part
CNC machined parts for cameral accessories

Ready to Build Your Custom Optical Prototypes and Parts Now?

At Runsom Precision, we employ multiple CNC machining processes to fabricate freeform optics and complex geometries of optical components. CNC machines offer incredible precision and flexibility in manufacturing parts that require complicated details and features. Our true 5-axis precision machine centers excel in machining lightweight structures and high aspect ratio components, incorporating precision holes and inserts, specialty bevels, and mounting interfaces. In addition to optically clear plastics, we have the expertise to machine a wide variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, and even certain challenging materials and composites that are not available for conventional machining methods.

CNC Machined Parts We Produce for the Optics

Runsom Precision offers a diverse range of optical equipment parts suitable for various applications. Apart from meeting the required design specifications, our products can also be machined with detailed features such as slots, bevels, and counterbores. These components find application in various optical measuring devices, which include:

Heat sink
Lens barrels
Pockels cells
Mirror holders
Lens housings & lids
Adjustment screws
Mounting plates
Tube lens hardware
Telescope components
Lens mounting brackets
Shearing interferometer casings
Fabry-Perot interferometer casings
Photonic hardware
Camera components
Beam expander cases
Microscope components
Optical isolator components
Galvo mirror system hardware

Typical Parts We Build for the Optical Industry

Barbed tube adapter Barbed tube adapter Mill/Turn Drilling 0.05" holes Fiber optics alignment
Blade holder PEEK 4-axis milling Precision miniature plastic machining Laser eye keratome
CNC machined optical equipment accessory
CNC machined electronic enclosure
CNC machined lens barrel