Precision Optical CNC Machining Service

  • CNC machining of complicated optical component geometries
  • Massive options for materials including optical glass, tungsten carbide, composites, and ceramics
  • Precision CNC machining alternatives for your optical designs and specifications
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CNC Machining Precision Optical Components

Components applied to the optical industry need to be extremely precise to ensure they can be easily and accurately placed in complex devices without breakages like telescopes, microscopes, and lasers. Thus, it can never be too careful to machine optical components. Machinists at Runsom can utilize 5-axis machining technology to craft high-precision optical components and tools with the closest tolerance- as tight as .0001.

Runsom is always dedicated to delivering components that fulfill the crucial specifications and requirements of applications from all kinds of industries. Parts manufactured by Runsom can perfectly fit into their assembly and function well as a whole. There are a wide array of materials of the highest quality as a sound basis for making a variety of optical parts.

Precision Optical CNC Machining Capabilities

Among these years, specialists in the optical industries or OEMs in optical device market approach Runsom to tailor their components that require ultra precision and high quality. Our experts know that quality and precision mean everything in optics applications, so they can always cater to the needs of every customer and fulfill their crucial specifications.

Meeting the Demands of the Optical Industry with A Selection of Precision Machining Services and Quality Assurance:

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    High precision 3, 4 and, 5-axis CNC milling

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    CNC turning with live tooling

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    ISO 9001:2015 certificated production environment

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    The latest CAD / CAM software systems to realize the most intricate geometries

Part Geometry
Dimensional Accuracy Linear: 2-8µm
Parallelism: 2µm
Concentricity: 7µm
Surface Roughness 0.5µm
Component Diameter Maximum 175mm
Materials Optical Glass, Ceramics, Corundum, Tungsten Carbide, and Composites

Types of CNC Machined Optics for Optical Applications:

Lenses Components

CNC Machining Lenses ComponentsLenses play an essential role in optical communication systems. They help collect more light than the human eye itself can, making distant objects look magnified but clearer.
The type of laser component varies on the dimensions, materials, and application of use. But whether it is made from glasses, crystals, and plastics, or it’s aspheric and fresnel, machining of all these varieties of lenses is challenging if using traditional manufacturing methods. Thankfully, CNC machining can help manufacturers tackle this matter effectively.

Microscope Components

CNC Machining Microscope ComponentsElectron microscopes usually have a lens holder to help handle and protect delicate lenses. Thus, the dimensional accuracy of the lens and lens holder can ultimately determine the optical performance of an electron microscope.
CNC machines are commonly used in the optical communication industry to create lens and lens holders with high precision and tolerance, ensuring product developers or designers receive the finished result with satisfaction.

Laser Components

CNC Machining Laser ComponentsLaser is the basic equipment in a wide range of industries, especially in the medical sector for surgery. The laser consists of several components, all of which must be manufactured to high accuracy and strict tolerances to achieve the desired performance.
CNC machines are used to manufacture housings, start rings, and mirrors that are typically used in lasers. Because CNC machine tools can manufacture parts to fit tolerance requirements of 4 μm and surface roughness of Ra 0.9 μm, they are the preferred processing technology for laser components requiring high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.

Custom Optical Parts

CNC Machining Custom Optical PartsSome optical communication devices are often produced in small batches, such as microscopes, lasers, and other optics. Therefore, there may be a challenge for you when needing to replace optical components or obsolete parts.
To solve this problem, optical communication companies rely on third-party CNC machining service suppliers to manufacture specific optical parts required by customers. These machine shops build 3D CAD models from physical samples through reverse engineering. Then, these models will be converted into a computer program to control the sequence of movement of the CNC cutting tools and workpiece to recreate the desired optical assemblies precisely.

Swiss Machined High-precision Optical Components

It’s critical to ensure the tiny part is fabricated with the tightest tolerance in the field of the optics industry. Our CNC Swiss lathes enable us to produce a multitude of optical components built to near-impossible specifications for specific applications with stringent lens quality requirements. A series of CNC machining services ranging from 5-axis CNC machining to Swiss CNC machining is offered to help to boost your business and improve your applications with our best-quality optical parts at the most affordable cost.

Typical micro components machined by CNC Swiss lathes are as follows:

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    And much more

Swiss Machined High-precision Optical Components

Manufacturing Process of Optical CNC Machining

Step 1

Design A 3D CAD Model

Step 1

Step 2

Transform the design into g-code

Step 2

Step 3

Execute machining procedures

Step 3

Step 4

Produce the desired optical assemblies

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Our Advantages

Custom Geometric Details of CNC Machined Optics

With the skill of our machinists and the superior capacity of our advanced equipment, we can offer you the optimal machining solutions to meet your custom designs and specifications and produce a wide variety of optics that can fit into your project and the application of use.

Custom Geometric Details

Optimal Performance of CNC Machined Optics

Lightweight glass requires excellent workmanship to maintain the structural integrity of glass optical elements while reducing the overall weight. At Runsom, we can process your lightweight design patterns to achieve the best performance of finished products.

Optimal Performance

Quality Reliability Provided by Runsom

The advanced technologies combined with cutting-edge equipment and experienced CNC machine operators ensure each piece of optical parts we produce has the tightest tolerances and maximum precision with the most delicate geometries.

Maximum Precision

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CNC machining of precision optical elements is universally acknowledged throughout the industry. However, the machine shop you choose to manufacture your optical components will ultimately determine the performance and result of your project.

Work with Runsom - a reliable supplier in China, and you will receive top-quality products that comply with the regulatory standards in the industry you intend to serve.

Precision Optical Component CNC Machining Manufacturer

The 5-axis precision machine centers equipped in our machine shop enable us to achieve tighter tolerances for parts demanding complex geometric details and shorten cycle times at the same time, which can not be matched by other optics manufacturing equipment. Such technology can be perfectly used to process some parts with high aspect ratios and complicated structures. For instance, parts with bevels, holes, channels, and other features, along with inflected aspheres and freeforms. Additionally, we can manufacture tooling for glass molding by combinations of compatible processes to meet the diverse demands of the optical industry.

Runsom keeps expanding our possibilities by the courage to accept new challenges and handle difficulties. We grew up believing that the great quality of products and excellent consumer support services are always the core of an enterprise’s success. That’s exactly what we pursue and the goal we make every endeavor to achieve all the time. With our commitment and extraordinary results presented to our customers from all over the world, we are setting new benchmarks in the entire industry and exceeding our counterparts gradually.

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