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Precision Tool&Die Parts

Precision Tool&Die Manufacturing

Runsom provides precision parts for industries in worldwide, all tool&die manufacturers rely on high quality machinery and computers to measure dimensions accurately. Our CNC engineers have various experience of different toll and die machinery application.

Tool manufacturing typically is making tools and aids for further parts production, our common tooling including fixtures, jigs, gauges, dies, tools, cutting equipment. As the unique character of tool manufacturer and various specific intricate products in required, we are almost necessary to fabricate custom tools modify tools standard for new requirement.

Dies are unique tools applied to cut or shape material with press machines. Products made from dies vary in size form small to big, including punches, dies, die sets and steel rule dies. Precision is the key factor in die manufacturing, dies and punches must be proper clear to produce accurate parts, our normal dies sets with machined tolerance can reach to less than 0.001mm.

Once you need a new precision parts for your machinery in tool&die industry, contact Runsom to manufacture these parts for you.


Manufacture Tools with The Best Precision

Tool and die production is a critical part in various manufacturing processes, especially in plastic parts production. Tight tolerances and intricate details are required to satisfy customers base by OEM. Runson is an ISO certificate machine center with the highest quality tool and die service, we utilize the highest precision CNC techniques to improve your manufacturing results. Our techniques including: micro-machining, 5-axis-machining, sinker EDM, wire EDM, CNC turning, deburring, Swiss machining.

Swiss Machining for Tool manufacturing

Swiss Machining is an excellent option for your specific tool and die manufacturing. This precision manufacturing apply CNC unit-operated lathes to cut in rotating process. This machining has operation rage of 1mm to 4mm in diameter with multiple functions, and saves additional process time.

Swiss machining is able to fabricate specialty jigs and fixtures in tool and die industry. We can make custom jig for your exact specification, replace insecure makeshift fixtures. You will achieve a completely accurate fixture for any specific work.

Tool&Die manufacturing with 5-axis milling

Tool&Die manufacturers need the most exact products to finish their job perfectly, 5-axis machining can cut linear on X, Y , Z axes with rotating on A and B axes. In order to cut parts with more complication and precision. Runsom applied 5-axis machining to manufacture custom parts in tool&die industry. 5-axis machine will save time in production process, you can get your custom parts finish faster, since there is no additional time to move materials in different machines.

Precision for any project

Runsom is able to achieve the tight tolerance or detailed intricacies in your product requirement, our high quality tool&die products can satisfy all requirement in plastic injection molding company. Runsom provides ultra-precision CNC service exceed industry quality standards. We machine complex die and mold parts with small internal radii, small slot details and spray nozzles.