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CNC machining for Global Industries

Runsom provides global industries with Ultra-Precision Machining Services. Our high quality CNC machining services including 5-axis machining, CNC milling machining, CNC turning machining,

Our engineering team has vast experience in complex components production with tight tolerance, high precision and extraordinary accuracy for various industries. We claim to take up all your challenge request, no matter how difficult to achieve. We also can conquer them with the same precision in our easiest machining job.

Once you need custom tool or complex component to satisfy your normal operations and guarantee orders on time, but not able to machine there in-house, Runsom is your reliable partner. We are able to produce fixtures, jigs, gauges, molds, dies, cutting equipment and patterns, all these are the most common tools in a multitude of manufacturing process. As advanced technology and product demands development, manufacturers require new specialty tools and micro parts to meet new market demands in various industries. Our machinists will provide precision machining services to meet all your requirement.


Machined parts for optical industry require the highest accuracy and tolerance for later assembly process in complex equipment, like microscopes, lasers, and telescopes. Runsom focus on intricate parts machining for optical equipment like screen holder and lens body. Our CNC machines are able to meet the tight tolerance requirement in optical industry. Our engineering team is able to understand the end-use and perform expectation of products, we will determine the best manufacturing way with the most effective machine, in order to make parts fit perfectly in further assembly.

Once small parts are instrumental for lifesaving success in medical industry, Runsom is always your best option. We are the supplier to manufacturer of surgical instruments, respiratory, cardio pulmonary devices, and cardiac devices. Our CNC machining for medical industry including: miniature gears for Cardiac Devices, implantable medical device components, titanium implants for orthopedic use.


Runsom ultra precision machined parts are widely applied in Oil&Gas industry, we are lifetime partners of various organizations. Most clients are satisfied with final production by our machines and engineers. We normally machine flat and curved flappers in energy equipments. In addition, complex parts in pump system are also produced by our machining center.