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Runsom is a one-stop shop for custom electronic enclosures by using CNC обработка technologies such as CNC вртење, 3- and ЦПУ мелење со 5 оски. There is no minimum order requirement, so our CNC machining electronic enclosures service will never just be limited to large volume orders. We accept order quantity regardless of from 1 piece to 10000 pieces. The CNC machined enclosures are typically milled from solid stock which can extremely withstand harsh elements such as high temperature, like aluminum-a highly machinable, durable, and economical material to be machined quickly and cost-effectively. Surely, we are able to accommodate other materials in accordance with the special requirement your order needs.

CNC machining for electronic enclosures

CNC Machining Capabilities for Electronic Enclosures

With our custom CNC machining services for electronic enclosures, you will get your enclosure ready-to-use quickly, and what you need to do is just install the electronics. Based on your design or application, we can offer you personalized solutions or DFM feedback. Our modern CNC machining facilities ensure our excellent capacities and there is no limit to the variety of shapes and designs.

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    Tapping threads >M2

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    Engraving all types of inscriptions on electronic enclosures

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    Recesses to protect membrane keypads, panels, and decoration foils

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    CNC milling cutouts for cable inputs and outputs, displays, interfaces, operating elements, and LEDs in plastic and aluminum

Our Advantages

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    Machine any size or shape opening, circle cutouts to threaded or counterbored holes

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    Wide range of stocked fasteners and hardware

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    Compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

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    A wide range of materials, surface finishing options, permanent markings, and graphics

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    Precise machining with tolerances as close as +/-.005"

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    Technical help and design assistance to deliver your product beyond your expectations


Custom machined enclosures can be made from:

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    Aluminum Bar Stock

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    Cold Rolled Steel bar stock

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    Stainless Steel Bar Stock

Обработка на пост

At Runsom, custom CNC machined enclosures can be finished with:

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    Облога во прав

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    Chem-Film Coating

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    Media Blasting

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    Vibratory Finish

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Пост-обработка за CNC обработени куќишта

Graphics & Labelling

If your project needs graphics and permanent marking for labeling, branding, decoration, and serialization, we can provide you with several in-house options to fulfill your specific demands.

We can complete your fully finished custom machined enclosures with:

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    Digital Printing

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    Laser Marking

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    Machined Engraving

Graphics & Labelling of Electronic Enclosures

Ready to Get Started on Your Project with Runsom Now?

Runsom is a reliable partner for your custom electronic enclosures with our precision CNC machining services for more than ten years. Work with us, you can receive parts with guaranteed quality in industry-leading lead time beyond your imagination. And your ideas will be brought to life rapidly without scrap costs to enable you to easily grasp business chances at a competitive price in the reality. We guarantee the electronic enclosure you get is exactly what you need, and it's ready to go to work for you.

Work with Runsom for CNC Machining Electronic Enclosures

CNC Machining Electronic Enclosures FAQs

If you have questions about your machined features or any other technical difficulties, you can obtain our professional technical support directly.

Work with Runsom for Your CNC Machining Applications

Just simply clarify all of the crucial specifications and features needed in your electronic enclosures application, you can rest assured that your parts will be 100% custom-made to your design within the deadline. Hence, you don’t need to waste time drilling and filing as with your off-the-shelf enclosures because your enclosure is ready to use.

At Runsom, a wide variety of surface finishing is available for some desired purposes like functionality and aesthetics. We can create completely finished machined enclosures that may be applied to a server or a machinated PC, or any other components that need to be mounted in a racked cabinet according to your specific project in 2-3 days.

Испратете RFQ – вашиот цртеж или 3D CAD модел е достапен за понуда.

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