Ring-Handle Pin

These all-stainless steel pins, also known as R-Type marine pins, withstand corrosive environments and are passivated for better protection against oxidation and corrosion. The smaller width and extra height make the button more accessible in tight spaces. For a more secure hold than standard quick-release pins, they lock in place until you press the button to release the spring-retained ball. Use them in holes as close to the diameter as possible, but not larger than the diameter at the height of the extended ball. Breaking strength is measured as the double shear, that is, the force required to divide a pin into three pieces.

The Ring-Handle Pin made by Runsom is ideal for applications needing a small clearance area around the pin.

Ring-Handle Pin
  • Handle: stainless steel
  • Button: blue anodized aluminum or stainless steel
  • Pin body: heat treated 17-4 PH stainless steel
  • Includes a hole for easy attachment of optional chain or lanyard.
  • Other materials, grip length, diameters, etc. are available on request.

Ring-Handle Specifications – Inch

DIAA MinA MaxB +/-.005C +0.00 / -0.04D MinD MaxE MinE MaxF MinG MinG MaxI MaxJ Min

Ring-Handle Specifications – Metric

DIAA MinA MaxB +/-.13C +0.00 / -1.00D MinD MaxE MinE MaxF MinG MinG MAXI MaxJ Min
5 mm4.924.965.546.
6 mm5.925.966.997.
8 mm7.927.969.428.
10 mm9.929.9611.869.07.69.911.416.526.923.937.836.82.0
12 mm11.9211.9614.4510.07.69.914.018.027.724.940.147.02.0
16 mm15.9215.9619.0014.011.414.719.123.031.535.646.757.23.0
20 mm19.9219.9624.0917.014.517.822.026.541.741.350.567.33.0
25 mm24.9224.9630.9422.
Dimensions in millimeters

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