Custom Worm Gear

Jack Lie CNC machining expert

Specialize in CNC milling , CNC turning, 3D printing, urethane casting, rapid tooling, injection molding, metal casting,

The worm gear is composed of two different components, one is the worm made by the screw shape cut on the shaft, and the other is a mating gear, namely a worm wheel. Both of these components on a non-intersecting shaft are called worm gear.

Worm gears are usually applied to large gear reductions, so they generally have reductions of 25:1 or higher. Worm gears ensure dependable, continuous, smooth and quiet running gearing under correct design.

Application: rail car & public transit equipment, machine tool builders, marine applications, etc.

Available material: steel, alloy steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, aluminum bronze, cast & ductile iron, stainless steel, phenolic, nylon/polymer, tool steel.

Size range:

Maximum Pitch Diameter / Max 30.0″

Diametral Pitch / From 1.5 to 48 degrees

Face Width / Max 5.0″

Cut Tooth / AGMA Q9

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