Leveler Strength Universal Joint

Leveler strength universal joints
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Leveler strength universal joints

Leveler Strength Universal Joints designed by Runsom Precision are ideal for extreme torque applications with improved mechanical properties and manufacturing processes, making an increase in the strength and working life of these joints. Similar to the high-strength series, they have a friction (plain) bearing construction.

Outside Diameter0.37″-5.00″ [9.4mm-127mm]
Operating Torque40-44,000 Lb-In [4.5-4972 N-m]
Breaking Torque200-220,000 Lb-In [22,6-24,858 N-m]
Operating Speedup to 1000 RPM (depending on lubrication)
Operating Angleup to 30° (25° for joint OD 2.50″ [63mm] and higher)
Material for Yokes:high-grade alloy steel
Material for Pins & Blocks:high-grade alloy steel
Bore configurationsplain bore, keyway, hex- and square bore
Plating OptionsZink, Nickel, Cadmium, MoS2, Black Oxide

Torque Values by Outside Diameter

Nominal OD (in)Max. Operating Torque Lb-in [N-m]Ultimate Torque Lb-in [N-m]
1-1/2″3000 [ 339.0]15000 [ 1694.8]
1-3/4″3500 [ 395.5]17500 [ 1974.9]
2″5600 [ 632.7]28000 [ 3163.6]
2-1/2″10000 [1129.9]50000 [ 5649.3]
3″14000 [1581.8]70000 [ 7909.0]
3-1/2″20000 [2259.7]100000 [11298.5]
4″28000 [3163.6]140000 [15817.9]

Custom Leveler Double Joints and Telescoping Drive Shafts are available as you fill out an RFQ.