CNC Turning Polyurethane Grades – Hydrolysis Resistant

CNC Turning Polyurethane
Jack Lie CNC machining expert

Specialize in CNC milling , CNC turning, 3D printing, urethane casting, rapid tooling, injection molding, metal casting,

GradeColourTemperature (°C)Shore Hardness
FDA Approved*Red-30 to +11594°A (±3)
StandardGreen-30 to +11594°A (±3)
Low TemperatureDark Blue-50 to +11594°A (±3)
HardDark Red-30 to +11058°D (±3)
LubricatedBlack-30 to +11094°A (±3)
Lubricated, HardBlack-30 to +11058°D (±3)
FDA, EU1935/2004 & EU10/2011 ApprovedWhite-30 to +11093°A (±3)
SoftLight Green-30 to +9586°A (±3)

*FDA approved red is our standard grade; other grades are available upon request.