Adjustable attenuator

China cnc machining for adjustable attenuator 0~30db FCUPC FCAPC SCAPC SCUPC ST LC FM female-male ftth variable SM attenuator


SC FC LC ST MU Adjustablefiber optic attenuator factory price
Adjustableoptical attenuatoras aoptical passive device,used for OCS,asDebugging light power performance,Debugging fiber optic instrument orientation correction,Light signal attenuation,the products is made ofAttenuation Fiberwithmetal ion
Product features
Attenuation fibermixed withmetal ion to achieve the effect of attenuation
Good forHigh power source
Light weight
Small volume
High precision
Good stability
A variety of forms, and it is easy to use
Application scope
Light distribution frame
Optical fiber network system
High-speed optical fiber transmission system
cable television(CATV) system
Long-distance mains dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system
Light points check multiplexer (OADM)
Technical parameters
Attenuation value: 0-30 db adjustable
Work wavelength: 1310/1550 nm
Precision: ≤+ 0.5 (dB)
Return loss: PC ≥55 db, APC≥60 db

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