Safe Operation for CNC Machining

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There are several points need pay attention when CNC machining to ensure safe operation..

1.       The setting of coordinate and cutter compensation should be correct

When start the CNC machining center,we should set a reference point for the machine first.The coordinate for CNC machining center should keep the same with program.Especially the Z axis.It will lead to the milling cutter colliding with the workpiece if there is any error of setting.And the setting of cutter length compensation should be correct.Or the cutter will idling or colliding with the workpiece.

2.       Using the simulate system of computer

Using the simulate system to check the program to see the movement of cutter and if the cutter will collide with the workpiece.

3.       Using the lock function of CNC machining center

CNC machining center always have lock function.After input the program,lock the Z axis,we can know if there will be collision through the coordinate figure.We should avoid to change cutter when using this lock function,or the program can’t get through.

4.       Using the idling function of CNC machining center

Using the idling function of CNC machining center can check if the cutting path is right or not.After input the program to machine,we can install the tooling or workpiece and then push the iding button down,the main axis will not move at this time.And the working table will move according to the program automaticly.We can find if the knife will collide with the workpiece or clamp from this action.But what need to pay attention to is that if install workpiece,then can’t install knife.And when install knife,then can’t install workpiece.Or the knife maybe collide with the workpiece.

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