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All You Need To Know About 5-Axis CNC Machining

The machining industry is one of the promptly evolving industries that keep on securing the capability of meeting modern production demands. With the continued advancement in technology, the need for complex parts has emerged more than ever before. Due to … 続きを読む

What You Need To Know About Electrophoretic Painting

Electrophoretic painting, or e-coating as it may be referred to, is an advanced and sophisticated process that is used for the application of a semi-transparent and anti-corrosive layer as a coating on specific types of metals. But the difference between … 続きを読む

Guide to Gold Plating

For many centuries, it has been observed that gold has been in use in many applications, whether it remains for decorating purposes, functional benefits, or industrial applications. As the world grew more connected, the benefits of gold plating have been … 続きを読む

Everything about Powder Coating

If you’re troubled with liquid paint’s durability and short lifespan, powder coating is the ideal alternative and solution for you. However, careful pretreatment and an electrostatic charge used to adhere the pigmented coating onto a surface are necessary for the … 続きを読む

The Role of Nickel Plating

Nickel plating is the electrolytic deposit of nickel coating onto a substrate. Nickel plating is a one-of-a-kind mix that works for both wear and corrosion resistance. It is also used for hardness, lubricity, and magnetic purposes. Other than that, it … 続きを読む

An Ultimate Guide to Plating on Titanium

Usually, electroless nickel processing makes it excellent at achieving a good bond to the titanium, making it widely used to coat titanium as an initial coating. Although not used as the initial layers for metalizing on top of titanium, copper, … 続きを読む

Here We Discuss Everything about Silver Plating

Silver is used frequently for electroplating as it provides unique properties, which differ from most other metals used for electroplating. Numerous people and industries have been using silver for centuries, and it has a good reason why. Silver provides better … 続きを読む

Surface Roughness Parameters for CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control or CNC Machining is a subtractive manufacturing technique that uses CNC machines to produce complex geometries with highly precise tolerances. This manufacturing process usually involves the use of a computer-controlled work tool to remove material from the … 続きを読む

Bead Blasted

Bead blasted is one of the many different processes currently used to provide the desired surface finish on a metal part. Metal manufacturing has evolved a lot since the first industrial revolution, and across this evolution many technologies have been … 続きを読む

As Machined

Many times, manufactured parts require additional processing such as surface finishing treatments to get the desired result. Some surface finishing treatments will add a kind of coating to cover the visible lines resulting from cutting the material with a machine … 続きを読む

A Guide to Surface Finish

Table of Contents Surface Finish – DefinitionTexture LaySurface RoughnessSurface WavinessSurface Finish – UnitsAverage Roughness, Ra:Maximum Roughness Depth, Rmax:Mean Roughness, Rz:Root Mean Square, RMS:Conversion:Surface Finish – Machining Processes: Surface Finish – Symbols and Callouts:ISO Surface Finish Standard 1302:ASME Surface Finish Standard: … 続きを読む

What You Need To Know About Machining Anodized Aluminum Parts

The process of aluminum anodizing proves to be a highly durable post-treatment method. It is the case since it enhances the appearance and performance of the anodized aluminum part. Besides, the process also helps better bond the primer and glue. … 続きを読む


Chromate Conversion Coating (also commonly referred to as Chemical Film, Chem Film, Alodine or Iridite) converts the surface properties of the substrate (typically aluminum or magnesium) as compared to plating which applies a coating onto the surface of the substrate. … 続きを読む


Table of Contents Heat Treatment Process – ExplanationHeat Treatment Process – WorkingHeat Treatment Process – StagesI. Heating:II. Soaking:III. Cooling:Heat Treatment Process – TechniquesHeat Treatment Process – Specifications Heat Treatment Process – Explanation The mechanical properties of a metal or an … 続きを読む


CNCマシンは、推奨されるCNCプログラミングソフトウェアで動作するコンピューター化された数値制御マシンと呼ばれます。 主に、CNCソフトウェアは、CNCマシンまたはミルがタスクを実行するために使用する命令とプログラムコードを作成する責任があります。 多くの … 続きを読む


産業用3D印刷は、さまざまな観点からさまざまな産業に圧倒的な影響を及ぼします。 ラピッドプロトタイピング、通常は製造できない、または高価な設計の部品の迅速な入手可能性、および材料の進歩も、産業用3D印刷で可能になりました。 の他に … 続きを読む


工学では、すべての部品が環境の影響を受けることは広く受け入れられています。 コンポーネントの表面は環境と直接接触します。 金属の表面はしばしば腐食、摩耗、酸化、侵食の餌食になり、その結果… 続きを読む


研磨は、金属加工の美観を高める上で極めて重要です。 これとは別に、それはまた、過酷な状況に耐える能力を金属に追加します。 その間、研磨は型の形と最終的なものを理解するのに役立ちます… 続きを読む


目次SLAとはSLAとはSLAの仕組みSLAの特性印刷機のパラメーターサポート構造CurlingLayerの接着一般的なSLAマテリアル後処理SLAの利点と制限SLAの利点:SLAの制限:SLAとはSLAは、VatPhotopolymerizationファミリーに属する積層造形プロセスであるStereolithographyの略語です。 SLAでは… 続きを読む


目次FDMとはどのようにFDMが機能するかFDMFDMの特性ParameterWarpingLayerAdhesionSupport StructureInfill&ShellThicknessFDM共通材料後処理FDMの利点と制限FDMの利点:FDMの制限:FDMとはFDMは、積層造形プロセスである溶融堆積モデリングの略語です… 続きを読む


目次SLSとはどのようにSLSが機能するかSLSSLSマシンパラメータの特性層接着収縮と反り過焼結粉末除去一般的なSLS材料後処理SLSの利点と制限SLSの利点:SLSの制限:SLSとはSLSは、積層造形プロセスであるSelective LaserSinteringの略語です… 続きを読む


目次DMLSとはDMLSの動作DMLSの特性DMLSプリンターのパラメーター層の接着サポート構造と部品の向き中空セクションと軽量構造一般的なDMLS材料後処理DMLSの利点と制限DMLSの利点:DMLSの制限:DMLSとはDMLSはDirect Metal LaserSinteringの略語です。 続きを読む


目次MJFとはMJFのしくみMJFの特性印刷機のパラメータマルチマテリアルおよびフルカラー印刷サポート構造マットおよび光沢共通MJFマテリアルMJFの利点と制限事項MJFの利点と制限事項:MJFの制限事項:MJFとはMJFはMultiJet Fusionの略で、操作は2Dプリンターと同様です。 NS … 続きを読む


はじめに非伝統的な製造プロセスは、機械的、熱的、電気的、化学的エネルギー、またはこれらのエネルギーの組み合わせを含むさまざまな技術によって余分な材料を除去するが、必要に応じて鋭利な切削工具を使用しないプロセスのグループとして定義されます… 続きを読む


合金の説明一般的に、溶接またはろう付けが必要な場合、またはすべての温度での高い耐食性のために選択されます。 成形性はOテンパーに優れ、T4テンパーに優れています。 他の機械加工合金と比較すると、機械加工はより困難です。 … 続きを読む


Runsomは、世界中のお客様に高度な5軸CNC加工を提供し、さまざまな形状やサイズでの加工能力を大幅に向上させます。 プロジェクトでCNCサービスが必要になった場合、5軸CNC機械加工が最適なソリューションになることは間違いありません… 続きを読む

Select Perfect CNC material

CNC machining is able to manufacture products of any metal or plastic. Its wide application of available materials make perfect selection is a challenge process. We will compare compare the most CNC materials in terms of mechanical and thermal properties, cost … 続きを読む


CNC machining is widely applied for subtractive manufacturing process. In CNC machining, raw materials are removed form solid materials stocks by various cutting tools, in order to create final parts with designed geometries in CAD files. These CNC materials include … 続きを読む


CNC machining is an cost-effective way of tight tolerance parts production with fine geometries details form various metal or plastic materials. In CNC machining process, minor tool marks will be left on visible surface, this need post-processing and finishing methods to … 続きを読む

Heat Treatment for CNC Machined Parts

Heat treatment is applied to most metal alloys, in order to improve key physical properties like hardness, strength and machinability drastically. These improvement due to materials micro-structure modifications and surface chemical composition. These treatment including heating alloys at extreme temperatures … 続きを読む

Technical Drawing for CNC Machining

Modern CNC machining system is able to interpret parts geometry directly form 3D CAD design files. Although Technical drawings is not necessary for quotation request, it is still very important and widely used in industry, in order to improve communication of technical … 続きを読む

Rapid Prototyping Tips

Rapid prototyping can help you test the appearance, quality and performance of your design. You can diversify material selections and evaluate your potential market without having a major investment in time and money. Once you are satisfied with the prototype and … 続きを読む

Aircraft Design: Horizons Expansion (Part II)

In this article we are about to discuss about the flow of a modern aircraft design cycle and use an example of how to use the services of a prototype manufacturer for the prototype testing. An excess of computational power use … 続きを読む


Injection molding is suitable for a wide range of plastics. As in Runsom, we provide various materials with key characteristics for your special injection molding projects. In addition, we also serve you with standard surface finishes for different injection molded parts. … 続きを読む

You are worth collecting the causes and precautions for six common defects of the casting!

Table of Contents I.Gas porosity (blowholes, choke holes and air pockets)Features:Precautions:II. Shrinkage void (Shrinkage porosity)Features:Causes:Precautions:III. Slag hole (flux slag or metallic oxide slag inclusion)Features:Causes:Precautions:IV. Crack (hot cracks and cold cracks)Features:Precautions:V. Cold shut (poor fusion)Features:Causes:Precautions:VI. Sand holeFeatures:Causes:Precautions: I.Gas porosity (blowholes, choke … 続きを読む


No matter who it is, they don’t want to find that their products have uneven and dirty corrosion layer when designing and creating products.But we all know that metals will rust when espoused to the natural environment. Even though this … 続きを読む

Post Processing for SLS Parts

Table of Contents IntroductionStandard FinishMedia Tumbled & Vibro PolishDyeingSpray Paint & LacqueringWater-tightnessMetal Coating Introduction SLS parts have high accuracy and good strength, which is always applied for functional parts. However, in reason of the nature powder based fusion in SLS, SLS parts normally have a … 続きを読む

Post Processing for FDM Parts

FDM is most suitable for cost-effective prototypes with short leading time. As layer lines always present on FDM parts, post processing are applied to get a smooth surface. This process can also increase strength and mitigate anisotropic behavior of FDM parts. … 続きを読む


SLA is able to produce very fine details and features as small as 0.3 mm. This technology always produce very small parts, and require orientation at an angle. This need support structures to attache on the parts surface, leave marks on surface and … 続きを読む

Support in 3D Printing

In 3D printing process, all parts are produced layer by layer. In reason of 3D technology specifics and 3D parts complexity, support structures are required. Once we consider which technology to apply, it is critical to consider support structures with final … 続きを読む

SLA Material

Table of Contents IntroductionSLA Materials OverviewAdvantages:Disadvantages:Standard SLA ResinsStandard ResinClear resinEngineering SLA ResinsTough resin (ABS-like)Durable resin (PP-like)Heat resistant resinRubber-like resinCeramic filled resinDental & Medical SLA ResinsCustom medical resin (Class I bio-compatible)Dental bio-compatible resin(Class IIa bio-compatible)Castable SLA ResinsCastable resin for jewelry Introduction Stereo-lithography (SLA) is … 続きを読む

Binder Jetting Introduction

Table of Contents What is Binder JettingHow Binder Jetting WorkBinder Jetting CharacteristicsPrinting machine parameterFull-color Binder JettingMetal Binder JettingInfiltration & sinteringMetal Binder Jetting characteristicsBinder Jetting MaterialsBinder Jetting Benefits & LimitationsBinder Jetting Benefits:Binder Jetting Limitations: What is Binder Jetting Binder Jetting is a professional additive … 続きを読む

Why Would That Be a Color Distinction Between Drills?

Hole processing is an integral part of mechanical process that accounts for around 1/5 of its total CNC machining process, while drilling accounts for 30% of the entire process. When it comes to the purchase of the bit of drill, there … 続きを読む

Different Types of Surface Treatment Techniques

Texture has an overwhelming impact on the product’s physical appearance; since different will be the texture, changed will be the appearance and feeling of that product. Along the same lines, let us have a look at fifteen texture implementation or … 続きを読む