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SLA Material

Table of Contents IntroductionSLA Materials OverviewAdvantages:Disadvantages:Standard SLA ResinsStandard ResinClear resinEngineering SLA ResinsTough resin (ABS-like)Durable resin (PP-like)Heat resistant resinRubber-like resinCeramic filled resinDental & Medical SLA ResinsCustom medical resin (Class I bio-compatible)Dental bio-compatible resin(Class IIa bio-compatible)Castable SLA ResinsCastable resin for jewelry Introduction Stereo-lithography (SLA) is … Read more

Binder Jetting Introduction

Table of Contents What is Binder JettingHow Binder Jetting WorkBinder Jetting CharacteristicsPrinting machine parameterFull-color Binder JettingMetal Binder JettingInfiltration & sinteringMetal Binder Jetting characteristicsBinder Jetting MaterialsBinder Jetting Benefits & LimitationsBinder Jetting Benefits:Binder Jetting Limitations: What is Binder Jetting Binder Jetting is a professional additive … Read more

Why Would That Be a Color Distinction Between Drills?

Hole processing is an integral part of mechanical process that accounts for around 1/5 of its total CNC machining process, while drilling accounts for 30% of the entire process. When it comes to the purchase of the bit of drill, there … Read more

Different Types of Surface Treatment Techniques

Texture has an overwhelming impact on the product’s physical appearance; since different will be the texture, changed will be the appearance and feeling of that product. Along the same lines, let us have a look at fifteen texture implementation or … Read more

How to Control Sharp Edges and Burrs of Elevator SS Sheet Metal Parts?

Sheet metal parts will have various levels of sharp edges and burrs throughout the manufacturing process. These burrs and sharp edges surpassing a specific limit will influence numerous aspects, including product production, quality, turnaround transportation, looks, and performance. They can … Read more