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Design and Development of Fixtures and Jigs for Adaptive CNC Machining

Fixtures and Jigs frequently assist as key production floor manufacturing tools that can help smooth out part assembly, make effective work process measures, improve overall assembling quality, help reduce production costs, and automate work. This blog post discusses the design … Read more

Optimizing for High-Volume Machining

At Runsom, our CNC machining service is different from traditional manufacturing process. Our professional process is automatic form CAD analysis to tools planning and digital inspections. This automation increase our production efficiency. You can take advantage of this speed to plan to … Read more

10 Classic Bolt Anti- loosening Designs for Your Collection!

In mechanical equipment, the loose bolt connection could cause the bolt to fall off and major safety hazards, or the loose bolt and the reduced pre-tightening force could cause bolt fatigue and shorten the life of the bolt. Therefore, appropriate … Read more

Threading Design in CNC Machining

Threads in your parts can sometime eliminate the final assembly process, in order to manufacture precise threads, we need to follow a lot of threading design rules. In addition, these features extra considerations and careful work to guarantee final production … Read more

What is Injection Molding

Injection Molding is a cost-effective manufacturing technology for identical plastic parts with high tolerance in mass-production. In injection molding process, polymer granules will be melted and injected into molds under pressure, liquid plastic will cool, solidify and final eject form … Read more

Advantages of 3D Printing

3D printing is a advanced manufacturing technology for complex parts, it can create parts layer by layer at one time. This method has various advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques like CNC machining, injection molding or die casting. Although 3D printing is unable to replace … Read more

Are You Worried About Understanding the Detailed Mechanical Drawings?

1. Concept of section view Suppose that a part is cut to expose the section cutting plane, the part between the observer and the section cutting plane is removed, and the figure obtained by projecting the rest to the projection … Read more

Types of Casting Process

10 Different Types of Casting Process

What Is Casting? Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid metal gets poured into a mold cavity of a specified shape or size. The production process usually involves waiting for the liquid metal to call and solidify before … Read more


Introduction PLA and ABS are the most common materials for FDM, both these materials are thermoplastics, they can be a soft and moldable state once heated, and then return into a solid state once cooled. In the FDM process, these two … Read more

Custom Electronic Enclosures: All You Need To Know About Its Uses & Advantages

You are an electronic gadgets designer. So you must be used to difficulties. In any case, have you ever been gone up against a hopeless scenario? Also, you might often get caught by the old ‘standard versus custom’ dilemma; kind … Read more

Aircraft design: expanding Vision (part I)

Let us discuss the flow of the modern aircraft design cycle and give an example of how to use the services of a prototype manufacturer for prototype testing. Thought history category: industrial design prototype Feature images of prototype manufacturers for … Read more

Choosing the Tool Coating to Improve the Tool Life in Machining

The intention behind sharing this article is to discuss choosing coatings of tools to improve their life in CNC machining. Mainly, four questions will get answered: what is tool surface coating technology, what are the benefits of tool coating, what are … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Machinery and Mold Machining

Define Drawing? It precisely describes the shape, size, and technical requirements of the object. Define Projection? An approach wherein a set of rays is passed through an object on an already known plane is called projection. Define Sectional View? It is … Read more

Top Machine Tool Enterprises in Japan

Japan is the third most innovative country in all over the world after the United States and Germany. It has enormous contributions to the advancement of machining tools, industrialization, and manufacturing. In 1889, the Ikebukuro Iron Works industry was first established, … Read more

Aluminum Machining: A Conclusive Guide

Aluminum is the most extensively used CNC material in the machine shop. It is widely used to developing various industrial products through manufacturing and prototyping. Concerning that, this guide will demonstrate some of the general characteristics of aluminum machining. Moreover, if you are … Read more

MJF vs SLS Comparison

MultiJet Fusion (MJF) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) are two industrial 3D printing technologies, both of them belong to polymers powder bed fusion. In these two printing process, all parts are produced by thermal fusing or sintering polymer powder particles layer-by-layer. The raw … Read more

How Can CNC-Machined Motorcycle Parts Make Your Bike Look Even Cooler?

Due to specific reasons, motorcycles are preferred over cars. Some may include that motorcycles offer better looks and extensive customization options. Usually, it is leveled that the bike’s individualization is impossible unless you have experience or in-depth knowledge about this. … Read more

Everything About Metal Machining

If you belong to the manufacturing industry, you should be aware of the modern technologies being used in manufacturing processes and metal machining. It is performed to develop different industrial parts at a broad range with extreme precision and accuracy.With … Read more

Let’s Discuss the Types of Gears

Gear is one of the components that have an overwhelming use almost in all kinds of machines. Here in this article, we are going to talk about gears and their different types.  So, let’s proceed. What is a Gear? We … Read more

Select The Perfect 3D Printing Technology

Introduction 3D printing is the general team of multiple process, each technology has its benefits and limitations, so each 3D printing process is more suitable for special applications than others. We will apply some approaches to assist you to select the perfect way. We will … Read more

Dimensional Accuracy of 3D Printing

Introduction We will provide the dimensional accuracy as a method of different 3D printing technologies comparison. Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, but the key factors to determine parts accuracy are as following: Design: The parts accuracy depends greatly on designing. … Read more

3D Printing Metal Parts

Low-cost Metal Parts Production by 3D printing

Introduction Metal parts are always produced by investment casting technology, however, there is an issue of molding cost. In order to produce large metal parts with very low cost, we apply FDM technology to create castable patterns, which cannot be created by … Read more

CNC machining: Everything you need to know

CNC machining is commonplace in the current manufacturing industry. If you have come to read this, it is likely that you already know what CNC machining is, but you may want to learn more about this manufacturing process. So, keep reading as we … Read more

Let’s Discuss Different Types of Surface Treatment Process

You might not be aware of the surface treatment process that we will relate to in this article. So, here are 21 surface treatment processes: 1. Micro Arc Oxidation Micro arc oxidation is well known as micro-plasma oxidation that involves … Read more

CNC machining: Everything you need to know II

CNC machining axis A CNC machining axis is one of the many axes a Computer Numerical Control machine can work on. For a better understanding, remember that a CNC machine performs different cutting operations on a workpiece based on the … Read more

Difference Between Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, and Nickel Plating

The electroplating process is widely adopted in industrial design. Along these lines, first and foremost, we should comprehend what electroplating is. Essentially, electroplating refers to the method of plating a dainty layer of different metals/alloys on certain metals’ surfaces. Typically, … Read more

Chemical Machining

IntroductionNon-traditional manufacturing processes is defined as a group of processes that remove excess material by various techniques involving mechanical, thermal, electrical or chemical energy or combinations of these energies but do not use a sharp cutting tools as it needs … Read more

Aluminum Alloy 6061 Technical Data

Alloy Description Generally selected where welding or brazing is required or for its high corrosion resistance in all tempers. Formability is excellent in O temper and good in the T4 temper. Machining is more difficult when compared to the other machining alloys. … Read more

5-axis cnc machining quote

5-Axis CNC Machining

Runsom provides advanced 5-axis CNC machining for customers in worldwide, which encourage our machining capacity significantly with various shapes and sizes. Once your project need CNC service, there is no doubt 5-axis CNC machining will be the most suitable solution for … Read more

Select Perfect CNC material

CNC machining is able to manufacture products of any metal or plastic. Its wide application of available materials make perfect selection is a challenge process. We will compare compare the most CNC materials in terms of mechanical and thermal properties, cost … Read more

CNC Machining Introduction

CNC machining is widely applied for subtractive manufacturing process. In CNC machining, raw materials are removed form solid materials stocks by various cutting tools, in order to create final parts with designed geometries in CAD files. These CNC materials include … Read more

Surface Finishes for CNC Machining

CNC machining is an cost-effective way of tight tolerance parts production with fine geometries details form various metal or plastic materials. In CNC machining process, minor tool marks will be left on visible surface, this need post-processing and finishing methods to … Read more

Heat Treatment for CNC Machined Parts

Heat treatment is applied to most metal alloys, in order to improve key physical properties like hardness, strength and machinability drastically. These improvement due to materials micro-structure modifications and surface chemical composition. These treatment including heating alloys at extreme temperatures … Read more

Technical Drawing for CNC Machining

Modern CNC machining system is able to interpret parts geometry directly form 3D CAD design files. Although technical drawings is not necessary for quotation request, it is still very important and widely used in industry, in order to improve communication of technical … Read more

Rapid Prototyping Tips

Rapid prototyping can help you test the appearance, quality and performance of your design. You can diversify material selections and evaluate your potential market without having a major investment in time and money. Once you are satisfied with the prototype and … Read more

Aircraft Design: Horizons Expansion (Part II)

In this article we are about to discuss about the flow of a modern aircraft design cycle and use an example of how to use the services of a prototype manufacturer for the prototype testing. An excess of computational power use … Read more

Injection Molding Materials

Injection molding is suitable for a wide range of plastics. As in Runsom, we provide various materials with key characteristics for your special injection molding projects. In addition, we also serve you with standard surface finishes for different injection molded parts. … Read more

You are worth collecting the causes and precautions for six common defects of the casting!

I.Gas porosity (blowholes, choke holes and air pockets) Features: Pores are found on the surface or interior of the casting, and they are round, oval or irregular. Sometimes, several pores form a group of air holes, and the pores of … Read more

Conversion Coatings for Metal and Plastic Parts

No matter who it is, they don’t want to find that their products have uneven and dirty corrosion layer when designing and creating products.But we all know that metals will rust when espoused to the natural environment. Even though this … Read more

Post Processing for SLS Parts

Introduction SLS parts have high accuracy and good strength, which is always applied for functional parts. However, in reason of the nature powder based fusion in SLS, SLS parts normally have a powdery and grainy surface finish. So post processing techniques … Read more

Post Processing for FDM Parts

FDM is most suitable for cost-effective prototypes with short leading time. As layer lines always present on FDM parts, post processing are applied to get a smooth surface. This process can also increase strength and mitigate anisotropic behavior of FDM parts. … Read more

Post Processing for SLA Parts

SLA is able to produce very fine details and features as small as 0.3 mm. This technology always produce very small parts, and require orientation at an angle. This need support structures to attache on the parts surface, leave marks on surface and … Read more

Support in 3D Printing

In 3D printing process, all parts are produced layer by layer. In reason of 3D technology specifics and 3D parts complexity, support structures are required. Once we consider which technology to apply, it is critical to consider support structures with final … Read more

SLA Material

Introduction Stereo-lithography (SLA) is able to produce plastic parts with high resolution, high accuracy, fine details, smooth surfaces. As there are variety of resins for SLA, it has widely application in diverse industries. Standard resins are applied for general prototyping. Engineering resins … Read more

Binder Jetting Introduction

What is Binder Jetting Binder Jetting is a professional additive manufacturing process, in this process, the binder materials is deposited on powder bed selectively, in order to bond these powder area together and form a solid layer at one time. … Read more

Why Would That Be a Color Distinction Between Drills?

Hole processing is an integral part of mechanical process that accounts for around 1/5 of its total CNC machining process, while drilling accounts for 30% of the entire process. When it comes to the purchase of the bit of drill, there … Read more

Different Types of Surface Treatment Techniques

Texture has an overwhelming impact on the product’s physical appearance; since different will be the texture, changed will be the appearance and feeling of that product. Along the same lines, let us have a look at fifteen texture implementation or … Read more

How to Control Sharp Edges and Burrs of Elevator SS Sheet Metal Parts?

Sheet metal parts will have various levels of sharp edges and burrs throughout the manufacturing process. These burrs and sharp edges surpassing a specific limit will influence numerous aspects, including product production, quality, turnaround transportation, looks, and performance. They can … Read more