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DMLS Introduction

Table of Contents What is DMLSHow DMLS WorkDMLS CharacteristicsDMLS printer parametersLayer AdhesionSupport structure & Part orientationHollow sections & Lightweight structureCommon DMLS MaterialsPost ProcessingDMLS Benefits & LimitationsDMLS Benefits:DMLS Limitations: What is DMLS DMLS is abbreviation of Direct Metal Laser Sintering, which is a … Read more

MJF Introduction

Table of Contents What is MJFHow MJF workMJF CharacteristicsPrinting machine parametersMulti-material & Full-color printingSupport structuresMatte & GlossyCommon MJF MaterialsMJF Benefits & LimitationsMJF Benefits:MJF Limitations: What is MJF MJF is abbreviation of MultiJet Fusion, its operation is similar fashion to 2D printers. The … Read more

CNC Machining Studio NDI Case

Table of Contents Situation of Application:The ProjectThe Product1 Design for Manufacturing Recommendation2 Design for Manufacturing RecommendationMaterial InspectionCNC MillingSandblasting, Anodizing and Laser Etching Situation of Application: Services: CNC milling, bead blast, black anodized, laser etchingMaterial: aluminum 6061Quantity: 550 sets, 3 components … Read more

Prototype for electrical fitness machine

Services: CNC milling and turning, anodizing, blackening, powder coatingMaterial: Aluminum 6061-T6, steel C45Qty: one set with 50 components Table of Contents About the projectAbout the productAnalysis of part drawing and assembly drawingThe following is one of the technical discussions with the customerCNC MachiningInspection and assembly testingCustomer’s … Read more

Modern Grip Wrench CNC Machining Case

Services: multiple CNC machining, light bead blast, hard anodized black, laser engraving, clear zinc passivationMaterial: aluminum 6061, stainless steel 303, C45 steel, silicon, steelQuantity: pre-production prototypes, 9 components per set Table of Contents The ProjectThe ProductSome Issues Discussed for Prototype and Pre-Production Run#1 Seizing … Read more

CNC Machining Design Guide

Table of Contents The definition of CNC machiningDesign restrict of CNC machiningtoleranceangleUndercutsWall ThicknessThreadCNC MillingQuick tips for CNC millingCNC turningQuick tips for CNC turningMaterial selectionMetalspolymerCNC machining surface processingAnodization (Type II or Type III)As-MilledPowder coatingBead BlastQuick tips to maximize your CNC machining … Read more

Design Tips for Minimizing CNC Machining Cost

Once you are searching for a CNC machined prototype or preparing your high volume parts production, one important issue you need to consider is the CNC parts manufacturing cost. There is no doubt that CNC design is the critical factor affect final pricing … Read more

3D printing Design Consideration

Various 3D printing processes are different in capabilities and design restrictions, but there are same key design considerations of all 3D printing processes. If you have finish your 3D designing  and modeling, keep this information graphic for a quick reference. … Read more

SLS Design Guideline

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a suitable manufacturing technology for functional products with complex geometries. It has fewer design limitation than other 3D printing technologies. In addition, this technology is also suitable for batch production. We will introduce the advantages of … Read more

SLA Design Guideline

Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing process with photopolymer resin solidified by laser system. It is most suitable for small size parts with fine details and high tolerance. We will introduce SLA printing process, SLA advantages and limitations, and finally SLA design … Read more

FDM Design Guideline

Table of Contents IntroductionBridgingVertical Axis HolesOverhangsCornersVertical PinsAdvanced designModel parts splittingHole orientationBuild direction Introduction FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printing technology is the most affordable method for rapid and low-cost prototyping. Its products is suitable for various application, including functional parts like … Read more

DMLS Design Guideline

DMLS is a rapid manufacturing process, as metal additive manufactured parts are applied in various industry areas. Its great design freedom, component simplification and consolidation are best suitable for custom or medium volume parts production. Table of Contents DMLS printing processDMLS … Read more