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Tips to Reduce Injection Molding Cost

There are many cost drivers in injection molding, in order to reduce the final cost of your projects, we analyze the main factors in injection molding, and summarize some actionable design tips in parts designing process. Cost Drivers The main cost … Read more

Optimal Shell and Infill Parameters for FDM

Table of Contents IntroductionFDM LayoutShellsInfillInfill PercentageInfill StrengthScrewing, Tapping, BoltingInfill geometry Introduction Most FDM parts are not fully solid, this will reduce total amounts of materials and printing time, finally result to economical printing cost. In order to optimize the FDM printing … Read more

FDM Materials Comparing

As new materials emergence rapidly in 3D printing market, it is difficult to select the best suitable material for specific objects. In FDM, PLA and ABS are two main polymer in application, while new polymers are still play a major role in the … Read more

Geometry Restrictions in 3D Printing

Table of Contents IntroductionPhysical SizeMinimum Wall ThicknessWater-tightnessCurved SurfaceConclusion Introduction In 3D printing process, we should consider the size and geometric restrictions in manufacturing process, and determine whether 3D models are suitable for 3D printing technology. These considerations are widely apply to any … Read more

MJF Design Guideline

Table of Contents IntroductionMJF ProcessMJF DesignPrint FeaturesCommon Design ApplicationsGlossy vs MatteDisolvable SupportMulti-Color PrintingMulti-Material PrintingMJF MaterialsProcess LimitationsMechanical PropertiesCostPost Processing Introduction MJF is one of the most accurate 3D printing technologies for high detail parts production. It can offer full colors and multi-materials with smooth … Read more

Binder Jetting Design Guideline

Table of Contents IntroductionBinder Jetting ProcessBinder Jetting DesignPrint FeaturesGreen StateInfiltration and SinteringFull Color PrintingBinder Jetting MaterialsPost Processing Introduction Binder Jetting has multiple capabilities in diverse production of functional metal parts, full-color prototypes, figurines and large sand casting. We will introduce the mechanics, … Read more