Recessed Button Handle Pin

These all-stainless steel pins, also known as M-Type Marine Pins, withstand corrosive environments and are passivated for better protection against oxidation and corrosion. The recessed button keeps the pin from accidentally falling off. For a more secure hold than standard quick-release pins, these pins lock in place until you press the button to release the spring-retained ball. Use them in holes as close to the diameter as possible, but not larger than the diameter at the height of the extended ball. The head has a hole for easy attachment of optional chain or lanyard. Breaking strength is measured as the double shear, that is, the force required to split a pin into three pieces.

The Recessed Button Handle Pin made by Runsom helps prevent accidental pin removal.

Recessed Button Handle Pin
  • Handle: stainless steel
  • Button: stainless steel
  • Pin body: heat treated 17-4 PH stainless steel
  • Includes a hole for easy attachment of optional chain or lanyard.
  • Other materials, grip length, diameters, etc. are available on request.

Recessed Button Handle Specifications – Inch

DIAA MinA Max+/- .005+0.00/-0.04D MinD MaxE MinE MaxF +/-.020G +/-.020H +/-.020

Recessed Button Handle Specifications – Metric

DIAA MinA MaxB +/-.13C +0.00 / -1.00D MinD MaxE MinE MaxF +/-.020G +/-.020H +/-.020
5 mm4.924.965.546.
6 mm5.925.966.997.
8 mm7.927.969.428.
10 mm9.929.9611.869.07.69.911.416.527.734.923.6
12 mm11.9211.9614.4510.07.69.911.416.527.734.923.6
Dimensions in millimeters

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