Custom Timing Belt Pulley

The timing belt pulley runs with timing belts to form a non-slip, synchronous transmission of movement. Also known as a drum or sheave, the timing belt pulley allows changes in belt movement and direction.

Available material:

Aluminum – Grades 6061, 2024, and 7075

Steel – Grades 1215, 1144, 1045 and 4140

Stainless Steel – Grades 303, 304, 316, and 17-4

Plastics – Including but not limited to Nylon, Delrin, UHMW, and more

Available pitches:

  • MXL (.080)
  • XL (.200)
  • L (.375)
  • H (.500)
  • XH (.875)
  • 3mm HTD
  • 5mm HTD
  • 8mm HTD
  • 14mm HTD
  • 3mm GT2
  • 5mm GT2
  • 8mm GT2
  • T5
  • AT5

Runsom has the capability of producing pulleys with any number of teeth with outside diameters of up to six inches. Our high standard timing belt pulleys assure you durable machinery with less vibration and error.

Let Runsom supply you with available solutions to your gear projects! We welcome the challenge!

Custom Timing Belt Pulley at Runsom