Custom Bevel Gear

Bevel gears are designed to contact a gear mounted on an axis at practically any angle. In most situations bevel gears are mounted on shaft that are 90 degrees apart, but they can be designed to work at other angles as well.

Runsom’s bevel gears are known for smoother, quieter performance and large load capacities.

Application: locomotives, marine applications, automobiles, printing presses, cooling towers, power plants, steel plants, railway track inspection machines, etc.

Available material: steel, alloy steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, aluminum bronze, cast & ductile iron, stainless steel, phenolic, nylon/polymer & tool steel.

Size range:

Maximum Pitch Diameter / 4.000″

Diametral Pitch / From 10 to 120 pitch

Face Width / 750″

Cut Tooth / AGMA Q9

Let Runsom supply you with available solutions to your gear projects! We welcome the challenge!

Custom Bevel Gear at Runsom
Custom Bevel Gear at Runsom
Custom Bevel Gear at Runsom