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Runsom Precision is a reliable provider of top-notch prototypes and extensive large-scale part machining for prominent OEMs in various industries. Our advanced CNC machine shop focuses on the cost-efficient machining of large components using a wide variety of metals, featuring intricate geometries with tight tolerances.

With over a decade of experience in precision machining and manufacturing, Runsom Precision specializes in CNC machining of large components. Our capabilities extend to machining parts measuring up to 78 inches x 78 inches. Additionally, we possess 5-axis capabilities along with in-house fixturing and tooling expertise.

To learn more about our custom machining services for heavy and large components, or to inquire about our other services, please get in touch with us today.

Large Components CNC Machining Capabilities

CNC machining heavy part

1. State of the Art Equipment

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our facility features state-of-the-art vertical and horizontal machining centers, and gantry machining centers. We possess the capability to machine various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, steel, alloys, exotics, and plastics, with a processing range of up to 78” x 78”.

2. Executing all Phases of Manufacturing

For all your manufacturing needs, rely on Runsom Precision to handle a wealth of machining processes. Our services encompass milling, drilling, turning, and threading. Moreover, we offer in-house capabilities for tooling, reverse engineering, CAD design, secondary processing, and assembly.

3. Precision CNC Machining for Large Components

At Runsom Precision, we're proficient in CNC machining of large components for various applications in different industries. Whether it's prototype manufacturing or medium production runs, our team of skilled experts employs advanced machinery to undertake intricate tasks and accomplish consistently superior outcomes.

4. Cost-effective Production of Heavy Parts

We offer a wide range of materials and machining processes, catering to large-scale parts machining demands. Our cutting-edge CNC machinery ensures high accuracy and replication, allowing for the efficient, and cost-effective production of large parts that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality.

CNC machined heavy part

Available Materials

At Runsom Precision, we cater to the requirements of diverse clients across various industries by using sought-after materials alongside our extensive machining capabilities.

We specialize in machining a range of metals to suit the specific needs of our customers and the designs they provide for large diameter components. These include:



Alloy Steel

Moly Steel




Stainless Steel




Cast and Gray Iron

Applications & Industries

The large diameter components made by Runsom Precision find application across a wide variety of industries, including:


Threaded Parts

Hydraulic Parts

Rotating Housings

Clutch Housings

Precision Shafts


Carrier Stators

OEM Parts


Torsion Bars








Here are just a few examples of the typical applications we cater to. Additionally, we endeavor to accommodate a diverse array of custom applications based on the specific needs of our customers from various industries. The main sectors we serve:


Oil & Gas

Mold and Die-Cast



Mining Equipment

Machine Tools

Energy / Power Generation

Why Choose Us?

With our unmatched large-part CNC machining capabilities, you can experience the following benefits:

1. Improved Productivity: We provide a greater quantity of parts in less time, resulting in increased productivity and cost efficiency.

2. Enhanced Efficiency: You receive your oversized or heavy components in the same timely manner as smaller orders.

3. High Precision: Our CNC machines exhibit exceptional precision for manufacturing parts of various sizes and shapes.

4. Quality Assurance: We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the process to ensure that your large components meet the highest standards. Each stage undergoes inspection and test for accuracy – from initial design and material selection to machining and final assembly.

Specifications for Large Parts CNC Machining

Milling Length Up to 80 ʺ
Milling Width Up to 35 ʺ
Milling Height Up to 30 ʺ
Turning Length Up to 36 ʺ
Turning Diameter Up to 18ʺ
Maximum Lifting Capacity 1000 lbs

Large & Heavy CNC Machining Services at Runsom Precision

Our CNC machining equipment provides exceptional precision for intricate shapes and designs across a variety of materials, including metals, metal alloys, plastics, and customized non-metal materials. You can experience improved speed, repeatability, and efficiency in manufacturing complex parts.

Moreover, we offer a wide variety of secondary finishing options to enhance the aesthetic and mechanical properties of your parts, and ensure that your parts are prepared for immediate use upon completion of the machining process.

To explore how our large-scale machining and additional fabrication services can benefit your project, please get in touch with us or request a rapid quote today.