Large Part CNC Machining Manufacturer

  • Precision machining of a wealth of extra-large parts
  • Custom components machined as per your specific dimensions
  • Large milling machines achieve complex contour features of the part
  • The right tool helps to improve accuracy and shorten cycle time

Precision CNC Machining for Large Components

Micromachining requires a high level of skill and expertise, not excepting CNC machining of large components that need specialized equipment large enough to process large-scale productions. Therefore, many industries rely on manufacturers like Runsom to fabricate oversized precision components that are too heavy to move quickly by a person alone, or too large to fit into a standard CNC machine.

Runsom Precision delivers precision CNC machined large components for diverse applications across a wide variety of industries. Our team of engineers and machinists can employ advanced machinery and the latest machining techniques to process complicated components with intricate geometries and high quality, whether you need prototype production or medium-volume production runs.

Your Large Part CNC Machining Manufacturer

Runsom is a reliable supplier offering support for oil and energy, construction, aerospace, and manufacturing industries all over the world. As a large machined parts manufacturer with comprehensive services, we also provide other additional machining services, such as secondary processing, assembly, and shipping. With over ten years of project dealing experience, our specialists will turn your ideas or concepts into production at a fast turnaround.

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Aerospace Large CNC Machining

Some aerospace components have large internal cavities, such as compressor housings or engines. For instance, a CNC machine must core out a large block of material to produce the transmission casing for helicopter blades. This process consumes much time, incurs material waste, and causes residual stress in the part. Problems like deformation or warping would occur due to the residual stresses and influence the required tolerance and standard in return.

At Runsom, our machine shop has equipped with state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machines with high performance and better control capabilities of power, speed, and force. That makes it possible to machine aerospace parts with thin walls in large sizes without applying too much force to deform them. Additionally, we can machine parts symmetrically using ADOC (axial depth of cut) or RDOC (radial depth of cut) to distribute forces and thus reduce residual stress.

Aerospace large CNC machined part

Our Large Capacity Machining

Large part CNC machining

Integrated Manufacturing Process

Runsom has the capability to offer an array of machining techniques such as millingturning, drilling, threading, grinding, etc. Moreover, we also offer CAD design, reverse engineering, rapid tooling, secondary processing, and assembly.

Top-notch Machining Equipment

Our high-performance vertical and horizontal machining centers and large swing lathes allow us to produce components with dimensions up to  394” L x 138” W x 84” H. with a vast variety of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium, and plastics. And with our 5-axis boring capacity accommodating materials up to 50 tons, we can make complex, large components with tight tolerance.

Guaranteed Quality

Our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is one of the basic working machines for product verification. We daily employ it to validate rapid prototypes and large machined parts with intricate geometries and tight tolerances.

The goal of the dedicated staff at Runsom is the pursuit of building high-quality products to fulfill clients’ requirements even beyond their expectations.

Convenient Transportation Services

Upon the completion of the manufacturing of large components, we can deliver them to your location with safe and fast transportation for your convenience.

Large Part CNC Machining Capabilities

Large Part CNC Machining Capabilities


Machining processes

Milling, Drilling, Boring, Turning, Threading, Thread Milling, Internal Forming, Counterboring


Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Copper, Nickel, POM (Delrin/Acetal), ABS, Polyethylene, Nylon


Vertical Machining Center, Horizontal Machining Center, Lathe

Milling length

Up to 394 in

Turning diameter

Up to 72 in

Milling width

Up to 138 in

Turning length

Up to 433 in

Milling height

Up to 84 in

China Large CNC Machining

Runsom performs high-quality CNC machining on large-diameter turning and large vertical boring/drilling projects with our specialty and top-notch equipment. We also specialize in the repair and restoration of large hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic press components. Our precision CNC machining, bonding, and gear cutting manufacture numerous metal parts in tight tolerance and high precision.

Runsom provides precision CNC machining services for producing oversize components, our engineers, craftsmen, and machinist are experts in machining, fabricating, repairing, rebuilding, maintaining, assembling, and delivering large parts. We’re a leading manufacturer in machining oversized machined components with our milling, turning, grinding, and boring technologies. Our extensive machining processes include custom thread turning and grooving, line boring, vertical boring of large components, hydraulic cylinder boring, and large diameter turning.

Why Choose Us?

Component manufacturing is an arduous process from precision and stress to tooling and tolerances. All of these challenges are magnified when parts are heavy and large. It’s a daunting task for some shops that just move the material around. But at Runsom, we’re proud of the efficiency and capacity of fabricating heavy-duty components to meet our customers’ requirements and needs. That means we have the confidence and capability to handle projects that may be too complex or difficult for other machine shops.

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Applications of Large CNC Machining

Large components provided by Runsom are commonly used in industries where equipment, machinery, and vehicles tend to be larger than those in typical applications, especially for wind turbines, machine tables, fixture plates, etc. A broad range of industries relies on us to manufacture large components fit for their heavy equipment, such as steel processing, oil/pipeline equipment, automation, construction equipment, fluid power industry, and packaging machinery. Our experienced technicians coupled with large milling machines in our machine shops enable us to perform large capacity machining with versatility.

Industries that our heavy components machining serves are as shown below:

  • Power generation: Wind and gas turbines, etc.
  • Mining: Loaders, tractors, trucks, etc.
  • Aerospace: Satellites, turbines, aircraft, etc.
  • Industrial: Flanges, gears, tube sheets, baffle plates, etc.
  • Construction: Pile drivers, cranes, excavators, trucks, bulldozers, etc.
  • Agriculture: Plows, balers, tractors, etc.

Heavy Duty Component Machining at Runsom

Backed by our heavy duty machining capabilities, Runsom is a premier supplier of parts fabrication and processing in China. To meet customer needs from all over the world, our machine shops are equipped with vertical lathe machines and sets of heavy duty CNC machining tools including vertical mills and horizontal boring mills with multiple axes of high-resolution machining motion, allowing us to create a vast array of extra-large parts. In addition, we have a team of skilled machinists known for their craftsmanship and concentration on the detail of every machining project.

We work with a wealth of metals, plastics, and other materials in various grades and tempers. Our flexible and dynamic machining processes precisely machine parts with complex geometric details and shapes as per your specific dimensions. At the same time, we can not only execute all phases of manufacturing, but also flexibly and efficiently provide extensive options from design engineering, to surface finishing, to product assembly, extremely expanding access to full-service machining.

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