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Oil & Gas industry Machining

Runsom provides various solutions for complex component challenges in Oil&Gas industry. As Oil&Gas industry requires durable and dependable component with unique solutions in unexpected situations. With over 10 years CNC experience, Oila &Gas industry companies in worldwide trust Runsom for high level of precision and accuracy. Most of our clients become our long-term partner with one CNC service, our precision manufacturing capabilities and skilled dedicated engineers guarantee our final results will exceed your expectations and improve your application every time. Runsom focus on reliable components production for any challenging jobs.

Our skilled CNC machining engineers and machinists cooperate with you closely for the highest quality custom-engineer components, which will fit all your specific CNC project requirement. We fabricate the most perfect components to fit into you large project in everyday.

Custom parts of Fire Suppression System

Custom flappers and flapper valves in oil fire suppression system is the key element to protect expensive plant equipment and save human lives. Each time we product these custom parts, accuracy is the key factor we should notice. Runsom is your most reliable partner once you need to protect your equipment and employees. We are the trusted company by various organization in worldwide, our professional CNC service will satisfy all your exact specifications and requirements.

In pumping and oilfield technology, Runsom is one of the most experienced company in CNC industry. Our high precision custom solutions are existed to solve a variety of your industry problems. We can create custom ultra precision components, which is unable to match by other machine centers. Runsom provide 5 axis milling for detailed parts with complex structure, micro-machining for precise parts with different size, de-burring for secure seals. We have CNC knowledge, experience and equipment for custom precision parts creation in any application area.

Our engineering team will participate in your design process, in order to assess your situation and create the perfect parts to your specific need in Oil&Gas industry.