cnc machining Vacuum System

China cnc machining for large-scale equipment, high precision, high-quality thin film vacuum coating process equipment offers thin film solar cell, LED industry, Touch flat panel display, semiconductor, optoelectronics technology industry requirement


Cnc machining for vacuum coating chamber, thin-film vacuum chamber, large vacuum chambers, semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, touch panel industry precision machining needs of large equipment and components.

vacuum valves will function reliably in applications ranging from semiconductor production system with chemical and particulate contamination. Vacuum valve are a device that directs the flow of air or fluid to create a vacuum environment. Vacuum valves are operated inside vacuum machinery that use vacuum gauges and switches to control the flow of air or pressure inside the vacuum valve and release the pressure when needed for its application. Vacuum valve can be used in rough vacuum, high vacuum (HV), or ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment.

our cnc machining vacuum valves are 100% leak tested. These vacuum valves are the result of a long and careful development program designed to insure product quality, reliability, and value. Every effort has been made to provide a valve family suited to the requirements of various users.

we service vacuum valve manufacturing for many customers, supply & export to United States: Canada and Mexico etc. , Europe countries: Germary, Netherlands, France, Italy, UK etc., India, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Austrlia etc. over the worlds.

our cnc machining vacuum understand the need for various valves on your vacuum systems so we provide a range of state of the vacuum valves to accommodate your every need.

Vacuum valves application :

Vacuum valves are used in high vacuum or ultra-high Vacuum system equipments, when a vacuum must be maintained in a closed vacuum processing system. Vacuum valves are used to control gas flow into a vcuum chamber, isolate, vent, provide relief or control conductance. Gate valves, inline valves and angle valves are the most common types of vacuum valves for high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum applications.

Additional valve types include butterfly valves, slit valves, ball valves, pendulum valve, all-metal valve,vacuum poppet valve, aluminum angle valves, teflon coating vacuum valve and straight through valves.

Butterfly valves are quick opening valves that consist of a metal circular disc or vane with its pivot axes at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe, which when rotated on a shaft, seals against seats in the valve body.

Slit valve(Rectangular gate valve) is suitable for the partition valve between the load lock vacuum chamber and the transfer chamber, and between the transfer chamber and the process chamber in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Vacuum ball valves are quarter-turn, straight through flow valves that have a round closure element with matching rounded seats that permit uniform sealing stress.

Pendulum valve is to install a large throttle valve between the process vacuum chamber and the turbine molecular pump inlet.This vacuum valve is usually designed as a gate valve or a pendulum valve, applications include OLED, FPD, and PV industries manufacturing systems.

All-metal valves are designed for use in ultrahigh vacuum environments where elevated temperatures preclude the use of elastomers and low temperature gasket metals. Bakeable all-metal valve provides reliable high temperature seals from atmospheric pressures to below 10-11 Torr.

Vacuum poppet valve will function reliably in applications ranging from semiconductor production system with chemical and particulate contamination. They can be used in rough vacuum, high vacuum , or ultra-high vacuum environment.

Angle valves have their inlet port positioned at a right angle to the outlet port. These angle valves material are aluminum A6061-T6, used in rough to high vacuum applications for semiconductor and instrument manufacturing, R&D, and industrial vacuum systems.

Teflon coating vacuum valve is a fully engineered device of stainless steel vacuum component with its durable and highly chemical resistant coating.

Straight through valves have their inlet port positioned at a parallel to the outlet port as well as axial with the inlet port.