Custom Gear Manufacturing Services

Integrated custom gear manufacturing and precision machining services

Custom solutions to mechanical power transmission components

Various types of gears based on demanding specifications or provided prints

Custom Precision Gear Manufacturing Solutions

For over a decade, Runsom Precision has been delivering tailor-engineered mechanical components. Our expertise extends beyond manufacturing parts; we also specialize in the design, production, and assembly of customized subassemblies, ensuring high quality and dependability for all applications.

As a proficient manufacturer of precision gears and small mechanical components, we exhibit excellence across multiple processes, including CNC Swiss turning, CNC milling, CNC gear grinding, CNC gear shaping, CNC bevel gear cutting, gear hobbing, helical gear cutting, as well as gear inspection and design assistance for gear and gear assembly.

Spur gear-3d

Precision CNC Machined Gears We Offer

Our range of capabilities covers helical gears and spur gears, tailored to exact specifications through custom cutting or precision grinding.

Additionally, we manufacture other gear types including custom pump gears, bevel gears, and worm gears, with diameters spanning from a fraction of an inch up to three feet.

Our expertise extends beyond gears, as we also fabricate splines, sprockets, shafts, assemblies, and spare parts.


Gears can be produced using a wide range of materials as per your specific requirements, such as:

Low carbon steel

Stress-relieved steel

Stainless steel

Pre-heat treated steel

Gray or ductile iron




Tool steel

Plastic (Nylon or Delrin)

Types of Gears

Our custom-made hobbed spur gears adhere to American standards, ranging from .25DP to 64DP, with additional availability in metric or circular pitch sizes. The majority of our gears are produced using advanced CNC machinery.

We also fabricate various other types of gears based on customer specifications or provided prints, including:


Ring gears

Helical gears

Worms and worm gears


Miter gears

Bevel gears

Pinion shafts

Stem pinions

Segment gears

Internal shaped gears

Stress-relieved steel

Why Choose Us?

1. Timely Delivery

We can fulfill the need for enhanced, timely delivery of top-notch custom gear products.

2. Reliability

Our customers count on us as a reliable supplier of gears, regardless of the quantity, all at competitive price points.

3. Commitment

We are committed to handling each project as a unique order, adhering strictly to precise specifications and stringent deadlines.

4. Versatile Capabilities

As a comprehensive fabrication machine shop with CNC proficiency in most fields, we maintain the capability to conduct a majority of machining processes in-house, resulting in reduced lead times and cost.

Are You Looking for A Reliable Supplier for Your Gear Projects?

Runsom Precision has specialized in the manufacturing of machined parts, custom gears, and assemblies for over a decade, delivering precision parts to sectors such as aerospace, defense, medical, commercial oil, power, and automotive industries. All our products are custom-built, from prototypes through to full-scale production.

Partner with Runsom Precision to Build the Most Challenging Gears

Our gear production capabilities enable us to cater to a wide array of industries with special applications and demanding specifications. We take advantage of automation to streamline production, minimize cost, and expedite the delivery of custom gear to our clients.

Whether fulfilling orders for a single gear or a thousand, we consistently meet and surpass expectations with the commitment to driving precision in every aspect of our operations.

Whether you require custom precision gears or seek engineering support to refine the design, the Runsom Precision team is well-prepared to offer assistance.

Runsom Precision is dedicated to serving as your premier custom gear supplier. Experience the assurance and excellence that comes with years of expertise and superior quality in custom gear manufacturing.

Reach out to us to get an instant quote regarding your specific applications to discover the tailored solutions we can offer for your most challenging gear.