Summary of Six Main Grades of Aluminum

Selection from six grades of aluminum for CNC machining
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Mechanical Property606160826063707520245052
Ultimate tensile strength310 MPa140-340 MPa110-300 MPa434-580 MPa200-540 MPa190-320 MPa
Elongation at break17%6.3-18%12 %10-15%14-20%2-22%
Modulus of elasticity68.9 GPa69-71 GPa68-69 GPa69-76 GPa71-73.1 GPa68-71 GPa
Hardness60 HRB35-56 HRB25-95 HRB79-86 HRB70-120 HB46-83 HB
AdvantagesCorrosion resistance,
heat treatable
High tensile strength,
corrosion resistance,
Corrosion resistance,
heat treatable,
High strength,
hardness, good
Good fatigue resistance,
excellent fracture toughness
Fairly high strength, incredible corrosion resistance,
easily to be welded
ApplicationAutomotive parts:
chassis, bicycle frames,
valves, computer parts
Construction industry:
bridges, towers, trusses
Exterior railings,
decorative trim,
interior architectural
Aerospace & military
industries: aircraft fittings,
missile parts, fuse parts, bikes, sporting goods
Aircraft fuselage, transport vehicle
parts, and wing tension members
Marine applications,
a series of “H” tempers