Summary of Four Main Grades of Brass

Selection from four grades of brass for CNC machining
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Mechanical PropertyC230C260C360C353
Tensile strength40-85.6 ksi62 kpsi58 kpsi49-85 kpsi
Modulus of Elasticity15,900 ksi16,000 ksi14,000 ksi  15,200 ksi
Elongation at break5%23%53%52 %
(per Rockwell scale)
AdvantagesCorrosion resistance,
good machinability,
rosy appearance
High ductility,
good cold working properties
The highest
fair hot forming properties 
Wear resistance,
good machinability,
high return value of scrap
ApplicationsSteam and hydraulic castings,
weather stripping,
valves, conduit, gears,
sockets, and statues
Rivets, hinges, radiator cores,
tanks, and ammunition cases
Gears, lock components, pipe fittings,
and fluid connectors
Wheels, adapters, 
gears, couplings, 
valve stems, and watch parts