What Does Precision Machining Include

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Precision machining is a kind of machining process which use machining machine to change the dimension and property of work-piece. According to the temperature that the machined work-piece in, the precision machining can divide into cold machining and hot machining.Generally speaking,if machining in normal temperature and it will not cause the change of chemical and phase of work-piece, it called cold machining.If the temperature is higher or lower than the normal temperature,and it will cause the change of chemical and phase of work-piece, it is called hot machining. According to the difference of processing method, cold machining can divide into cutting machining and press working. Hot machining include heat treatment, forging, casting and welding.

When assemble it should always use cold and hot treatment. Like the assembly of bearing,it should generally put the inner ring into liquid nitrogen to shrink the size,and heat the outer ring to make the size larger,so we can assemble them together.

Precision machining include:laser cutting,heavy processing,metal bonding,metal drawing,plasma cutting,precision welding,roll forming,metal brake forming,die forging,etc.

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