The Use of CNC Machining Machine

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With the development of technology, the requirement of machinery become more precise and more complex. And the updating of products become faster, these make the requirements of machine tools should be precision and efficiency,and also universality and flexibility. CNC machining machine is such kind of machine tool which concentrate micro-electronics technology, computer technology, automatic-control technology, servo drive technology and precision machining technology.

What is CNC machining? The working principle if CNC machining machine is using numeric code to substitute the process of machining and dimensions of work-piece, via controlling medium to input the numeric code to numeric equipment. And then the numeric equipment will dispose and operate these inputted information, send control signal,control the servo drive system of machine tool. So the machine tool can make the desired workpiece automatically. The key point of CNC machining is the acquisition of machining data and technics parameter-it can also called numerical control programming.

The process of CNC machining always include:

1. Analyze the drawing,make sure which part need CNC machining.

2. Using graphics software sculpt the part which need to CNC machining

3. According to machining situation,choose the suitable machining parameter,create machining track.

4. Checking the machining track

5. Create G code.

6. Send to the machine tool to machining.

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