The Features of CNC Machining

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CNC machining is used more and more widely for precise and complex components production. Then,what features does CNC machining have?

1.High adaptability. Using CNC machine to produce different components always decided by different program. It doesn’t need to produce and change too many tooling and clamp like general machine. So CNC machining is more used for small batch production, new products development, etc. It can help reducing the production time and costs.

2. High precision. The precision by CNC machining can reach to 0.005-0.01mm. The CNC machine is controlled by numeric signal. When the numeric equipment output a impulse signal,the machine moves workpiece moving a pulse equivalent(about 0.001mm). And the error between the reverse clearance of machine feed drive system and thread pitch can compensate by the numeric equipment. So the CNC machining have high precision.

3.The quality of CNC machining is stabilization and reliable. Using the same CNC machine with the same tooling and program to produce a batch of components, the cutting path is absolutely the same for each workpiece. So the production components is all the same.

4. High productivity.

5.Improving working condition. After adjustment of CNC machine,input the program and then start the machine,the machine can produce workpiece automatically and continuously. The operator just need to input the program, edit, clamp and remove the workpiece,preparing tooling, watching the processing and inspecting the workpiece.

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